Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my brain is a wet squishy rag

sorry for the lack of bloggage lately. i have had not even one ounce of creative juice running through my brain. at the moment, i feel as if my brain has been wrung out entirely and is now hanging out to dry. i've had a very long rough week at work. as i mentioned earlier, my boss took a much needed vacation and left me to run the store. which i can do pretty well, except that we had so many things to finish up with limited employees, not to mention that it was the week before mother's day and that brings joys all it's own.

men are notorious for waiting until the last minute to buy gifts and cards for their loved ones. i kid you not, just hours before closing on saturday night, hordes of panic stricken men came rushing in, only to lament, "you CANNOT already be out of mothers day cards for wives!!??" ALREADY??? i calmly explained that most of the wife cards had been snapped up earlier that day and suggested the very lovely cards that were "for anyone" "but she's not just ANYONE she's my wife!" i had to bite my tongue to keep from saying "that's what you get" in a sing-song voice

sunday afternoon: same story. i actually had a guy pounding on the door before we had even opened. the great part, though is that you can recommend absolutely anything to these men for gifts and they won't even think twice, they just say "i'll take it". it's a wonderful way to sell our most expensive necklaces. hee hee.

so now that it's my glorious days off and my brain is drying in the warmth of the sun, i feel ever so much better. i have had a chance to call many of my friends, had a lovely phone date with my mom this morning, made josh's favourite jambalaya for dinner yesterday and have lasagna planned for today. i've managed to read many chapters out of the 15 books i'm currently reading and even layed out in the sun for a bit today. i am now comfy in my sarong, enjoying a banana & peach yogurt smoothie. life is good.

so, the weekend before last seems like forever ago, but that was the day we celebrated mother's day at our place. we also celebrated rob's birthday and our anniversary (which isn't till this sunday) josh made crepes out of a delicious mix that we brought back from england. we had strawberries and grapes and canteloupe and real english custard and whipped cream to go in them. i also made a hashbrown casserole and we just stuffed ourselves completely. after brunch we all went down to the pond and gazed at all of the fish we could see swimming below. josh found a fishing net and pretty soon we were enticing the fish into the net with pieces of bread, then putting them into a bucket for the kids to hold and look at. it was a lot of fun! unfortunately, the algae is still a little too thick for us to swim in, but it should be cleared out pretty soon. it's been getting really hot out lately & a nice cool swim is beginning to sound heavenly.

this weekend josh and i celebrate our 2nd anniversary. we're going to our favourite restaraunt for dinner, carvers, where josh will get the prime rib and lobster and i will get the filet mignon. my mouth is watering as i type. we also will share creme brulee for dessert. they make the BEST creme brulee EVER. i'll tell you how it goes.

well, my lovelies, time to see what all the other bloggers are up to. lately i've been checking aimee's blog first, just in case. by the way aimee, that "i kid you not" in paragraph 2 was for you ;)


Adams family said...

I hear you on the fried brain. But your day off sounds wonderful.

L said...

so sad to have missed your call :(

The Tjepkema's said...

I was checking out the blog of a friend of mine and found a link to the blog of another friend of mine, and on THAT blog I found the link to someone else I knew and then... I saw "Heidi" and thought "wouldn't that be funny..??" And guess what - here you are! Hi Heidi! It's been awhile! I'm enjoying catching up on your life!!
My blog: www.mercyfulmusings.blogspot.com

Jenn & Wade said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! We have a picture of you Heidi dancing with Keagan at your wedding reception, it is very cute.

Nicci said...

Happy annniversary!!!! I hope you have a great time eating creme broulee. Yum!!