Monday, May 01, 2006

things i've been enjoying lately.

our coffee maker completely died on us awhile ago. thank goodness josh owns a french press, otherwise this home would not have been a happy one. so i'm at wal mart with the specific purpose of buying a new coffee maker, but of course i just HAD to wander their food aisles to see what kind of cheap junk they had. and then i saw them: raspberry creme cookies. my mouth immediately started watering. i have distinct memories of being introduced to the president's choice brand at nicci hallberg's house in grade 8. one bite and i was hopelessly in love. cookies: in the cart. coffee maker: grab the first one i see and put it in the cart. purchase items, run with cart to vehicle, throw coffee maker in trunk, sit in car, tear open package of cookies and....mmmmm....indulge. i don't think josh is too fond of these cookies, and that suits me just fine.

other things i've been enjoying lately are santa fe sweet grape tomatoes. i bought the biggest package i could find at costco and pop them into my mouth like candy. and let's not forget the GARGANTUAN size chocolate bar of dairy milk that i picked up at the london airport. we also had to stock up on their giant toblerone bars, now that josh is a recent fan. toblerones make the best melted chocolate for fondues...mmmmm....okay, do ya THINK it's my time of the month or something? if any of this is making you hungry, i will let you know that i am willing to trade chocolate for foot massages. just in case you're interested.

last night we had visitors from abbotsford in our house! doug and marilyn dyck are on vacation with their family and drove all the way up to ramona to see our house and go out for dinner with us! (hooray for people who say pasta instead of posta!) marilyn and i worked at house of james in abbotsford together...she was like my work mom. they're such a great couple and we had a blast catching up with them. the night before that, we went out to black angus for prime rib with mike and sara. we felt like we hadn't spent time with them in ions, so it was wonderful to chat and laugh our heads off together (at one point josh was laughting so hard he started to cry) they have the best stories about their kids. added bonus: i didn't have to make a meal all weekend!

now it's monday and the start of MY weekend. it's 11.30 and i'm still in my pyjamas. ahhh, the bliss. on my list of things to do today: take a walk, mail a package to my family, eat tomatoes, read, call, it's going to be a rough day.


Meredith said...

I will rub your feet for toblerone fondue. How do we connect for that? Like who has to travel?
Wishing I got days off... Enjoy yours,

running wildly said...

MMm. I can see why they are called fruit dreams. I love them too! Good to talk to you today. Enjoy your binging.