Friday, June 16, 2006

baby stew's first photo shoot

obviously, we don't own a scanner and that has never bothered me until now. i so badly want to show off the most heartwarming pictures i have ever seen, but alas, taking a picture of a picture just doesn't do it justice. and then of course, ultrasound pictures never are as heartwarming to others as they are to the proud parents.

as cheesy as it sounds, i still get tears in my eyes when i remember seeing our baby for the first time. both josh and i had no idea what to expect. i think i was expecting a lima bean that just lay there. so we both gasped when the camera found our little sweetie dancing his heart out inside my womb, feet just flying about! once the camera zoomed in (it was an inter-vaginal ultrasound; not an external one) he lay quite still as the doctor measured him and he just kind of looked at us. we got to hear his heart beat, and even got a video of the whole thing! so he is about an inch long now, which made the doctor guess that out of our 2 possible conception dates, it was probably not until after we got back from england that we concieved. however, my due date moved from january 16th to january 14th! 2 days earlier isn't a big deal, but i think it's better than being pushed back 2 days. everything with both me and the baby look perfectly normal and we are thankful to God for that.

my sunburn has faded to a lovely shade of brown, all except for an excruciatingly tender spot on my chest. i am feeling much better now since i began taking a different type of prenatal vitamin, especially since the nurse told me i can take them before bed instead of in the morning. my jeans are getting harder and harder to zip up and i don't own a single pair of shorts that fit, not to mention bras, so josh and i are going to do a bit of shopping on sunday. i have definately been gaining weight...2 pounds in the past week alone!...and when i look in the mirror and just relax my stomach muscles, it's a scary sight to see how far i protrude already, especially when i know that it's not baby that's protruding, it's just fat being pushed out! soon enough it will go from being jiggly to firm and round.

speaking of josh, it's his 30th birthday today!! thankfully i get the day off, so i won't be rushing around like a whirlwind after work. strawberry shortcake is on the menu as are burgers, ranch style beans and a good game of horseshoes. a few people are coming over in the evening to celebrate with should fun and hopefully relaxing.

thanks for all of the comments...glad to see you're checking out my blog, should start your own!

oh, and i wanted to mention that in no way has it been confirmed that baby stew is a boy. i use the word "he" to make it easier to type instead of he/she all the time. just to let y'all know. :)


Danna said...

Heidi, I must admit that you're blog is one that I check frequently to see how you, Josh and baby Stew is doing. I'm glad things are going well for you. Isn't it awesome to know that a human being is growing and living in your body? Anyway, Happy Birthday Josh and for all of you continue to take care.

L said...

oh, so happy. your baby is so darling! I was way too excited about this post. holla out to Josh!

Rose said...

Aww that is so amazing! It's so incredible to see your baby for the first time like that. AND No it doesn't sound cheesy that you tear up thinking about it :)

The Tjepkema's said...

I have to admit (and you probably already know) that i check your blog every day! it's such an exciting time. in fact, i've been meaning to ask if i could put a link from my blog to yours just to make it easier on me. i'm so lazy ;)

so you feel better - i downright bawled every time i looked at my ultrasound. i was a blubbering idiot throughout my entire pregnancy. blame it on the hormones!

happy birthday josh! and heidi - glad to hear you're feeling better!

sarah said...

Congratulations Heidi, that is so exciting that you are going to have a baby! I'm glad that everything is going well and you are both healthy. Being a mom is the greatest and you will make an awesome mom!

Shannon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!! (lest you get forgotten amongst all the baby talk)

The early ultrasounds are amazing.