Thursday, July 13, 2006

13 1/2 weeks

baby stew's 2nd photo shoot went well, although the pictures didn't turn out that great. he was facing away from us with his head kind of low, but we saw his spine (crazy how tiny and intricate!) and fingers and elbows and even an ear! i've posted the picture just for the sake of posting one, but don't feel bad if you can't see it, it's really not that clear. kind of like the ink blot thing for some people. i found out that i haven't gained any weight in the past 4 weeks; in fact i've lost a pound, so the doctor was all over josh to make sure i eat! i'm trying to snack more often throughout the day and, even though i know that this is not an excuse to eat crap, i do confess that i bought a tub of heavenly hash ice cream on the way home from the appointment.

the awesome news is that, when i scheduled my next month's appointment, it happened to fall exactly on the day that my parents are here! i asked the nurse if it would be okay if both my husband and my mom could be there with me and she said "no problem!" i was SO stoked! it's hard for my mom to have to miss out on pretty much my entire pregnancy, never mind most of her grandchild's life, so to be able to have her with us to see the baby (and possibly find out if its' a girl or a boy!!) is just such a gift for both of us. when we got home, josh called her and personally invited her to see our unborn baby with us. i think he said her exact words were, "whoooo!"

i am SO behind in what i all have to do this morning, so that's it for now. oh, and i just have to say that there is another potential visitor (or should i say visitors) to the Stewart Oasis this summer, though i can't say more since plans are only hatching. i can only say that i'm already excited!!


Jennifer said...

Uhhh I would like to come back to the Stewart Oasis!

running wildly said...

I would like Jennifer to go back to the Stewart Oasis too! (Jen- I got your back on this one.)

Zandra said...

I just read Darla's Blog...yay! How fun for you!

Adams family said...

I wish I had a good excuse to go get ice cream.