Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i guess i should blog...

...since it has become apparant to me that pictures without much text produces ZERO COMMENTS. and i'd like to know, since when did it become all about the comments? why does it feel as if i've failed as a human being if my blogs produce fewer than 3 comments? as much as i adore this whole blogging thing and don't know what i'd do without it, etc. etc. it can also be a tad bit distracting at times and not all that great for the old self image. okay, yes i'm kind of exaggerating here (is that how you spell exaggerating?) but i do kind of get a kick out of my reaction sometimes: "how DARE no one comment? those are GREAT pictures! so what if they're not pictures of my pregnant belly? people could still say SOMETHING nice about them. geez."

enough of that. its TUESDAY!!! my favourite day of the week. it's my day off and today is extra special because josh and i get to see our baby again this afternoon! i have an appointment to see the dr. and my sister in law assures me that this time the ultrasound will be done on my belly. the very best part is that my doctor is so cool that he doesn't have his patients fill their bladders to bursting beforehand. jessica said she never had to have a full bladder; he is so good that he can see the baby fine without it! do i have the best doctor, or what? i'm gonna get our little vhs tape all fast-forwarded past the last ultrasound so that we'll have a nice little collection of baby videos before baby stew is even born. apparently, baby stew is the size of a peach. i can hardly wait until i can give my little peach kisses. kaylee and john like to talk to my baby through my belly button, it's so cute. pretty soon he'll be able to hear us!

the other evening i got busy measuring all of our office furniture to make sure that it could all move into the guest room so that this room could become the nursery. right now images of pale greens and yellows are dancing through my head, though next month that could change. it's SO hard not to buy everything at my work for the baby. i already have a gazillion childrens' books, collected over the past 8 years (many of them signed by the author) and i've picked out a little noah's ark night light that's on hold for me at work. there's also the cutest stuffed bear that's on sale for $5 right now that i really really want, but i still feel like it's so early. rob and jessica gave us 4 plastic bins full of little boy clothes from when john was a baby. if it turns out to be a girl, we'll just store them away until we have a boy. they also gave us their infant carseat (score!) and have a changing table, pack & play, baby bjorn, swing, and bouncy seat for us up in their attic. we are already feeling so blessed by what's being provided. i also got a package in the mail yesterday from my sister in law cara with the cutest pair of maternity jeans and a pair of shorts! we feel overwhelmed and so grateful for the generosity of our friends and family. God sure is great at providing!

time to get out of my pyjamas and get some stuff done around here. keep checking for baby stew's newest photo shoot!


running wildly said...

Yes, every bit helps. So glad you're getting baby stuff. Makes this whole pregnancy solidify, hey?

Kristal said...

I'm with you on the comments thing...I've decided that since I love comments on my blog so much I need to make an effort to make more comments on other people's blogs...so they know they're special too. So...you're special!!!

How many weeks are you now???

Jennifer said...

um....my kids will eat those darling little strawbs faster than you can pick em!

um....if there is something you don't get but need let me know...I probably have one I'm not using...and I love giving stuff away to a good cause..so rent a truck and come on over!

Shannon said...

it is fun to go through all the stuff that people give! You'd be amazed at how little you actually do need though. It is fun to collect all those tiny things. Makes everything so real.

I totally hear you on the comment thing. My most faithful commenters are people I've never met. So as much as I love them, sometimes I am like "um, where are all my friends???" :O)

Anonymous said...

Heidi! Have you seen the new Gigi books at work! They are mine & Marilyn's favorite!! Too adorable. :o) My other favorite series (although there are too many to count) is by Aaron Reynolds (?) and the titles are: The Nineteenth of Maquerk, Tale of the Poisonous Yuck Bugs & Breaking out of the Bungle Bird! They read like Dr. Seuss & have the most vibrant, beautiful artwork!! Love it!! Great to hear you're feeling better these days!! :o) -Kim

heidi said...

i'm over 13 weeks now. my mom kept asking me the same question, so i got one of those baby counters set up.

if you happen to find any little thing between now and the time you meet up with my dad, just give it to him and my parents can bring it down for me in august :)

yes, i ADORE those gigi books. a big difference from hoj and where i work now is that we don't do any buying or see any sales reps = no free books! my discount isn't bad, though and i'll be sure to check out those aaron reynolds titles. i love rhyming children's books.

Anonymous said...

Those Aaron Reynolds books are from Harper. So you don't see any sales rep's? I love that part! Does your store just get automatic shipments on new product then & its a surprise of new arrivals? Do you like it better than seeing rep's, or do you miss that part?? AND, are you managing the kids dept down there too, or are you a general manager?? I know you've mentioned managing, but I don't remember what.
P.S. I'm starting to collect kids books and it is addicting. I see why you had & have such a hard time resisting buying them. There are so many awesome, cute books! Thank goodness Erin has 2 boys & a baby on the way that I can spoil a little. I love being an auntie!

Jenn & Wade said...

Isn't it so fun to start getting the little baby things, when we were pregnant with Keagan I know I got some little onesies soon after we found out we were expecting. I loved to just look at how little they were and imagine with Wade what our baby would look like. I LOVE LITTLE PEOPLES CLOTHES.

Danna said...

That's awesome that you are getting stuff either permanatly (spelling?) or for keeps from other people... that while cut down on the cost...as long as one is not too choosy.
I also agree with you on the comment thing...sometimes I wonder if I should keep the blog if I don't have a certain amount of comments.

Ej said...

I agree about the comments thing - I feel ripped off when no one comments. I am horrible about leaving comments though so it is my own doing. That said I am leaving a comment here. I used to go to the same church as your sister Cherie, and I found your blog through Leah's - small world :) Get all the free baby stuff you can as there are thousand of things you'll need(or want) by the time your baby is born.

heidi said...

since we're corporate, our home office sends us shipments, so it's all a surprise. i really miss the buying part of my old job. because of that, we don't have department managers, we all just work together to put product out. my job title is very similar to a floor manager. just one step down from the store manager. all of that to say, i do enjoy my job, but it was really difficult getting used to the changes. and when are YOU going to start your own blog??!