Tuesday, August 22, 2006

oliver, saying his final adios to the camera. (okay, so i'm being cheesy and waving his paw for him, but i don't think he quite understood at that point) Posted by Picasa


L said...

is that a huge watermelon behind you?

S said...

Hey Heidi,
glad you're doing well and enjoying your pregnancy...it's such a precious time (0:
Sorry for having to say goodbye to Oliver, so sad.
new blog alert...old one soon to be erased!!

Nicci said...

Here's my new blog address www.creationcalls.blogspot.com

Nicci said...

You look beautiful as always

Catrina said...

It's so hard to say good bye. I know when we had our cat, Smokey, I was pregnant as well and we were only taking him over to my in-laws place, I cried. Don't like to admit that I cried over a cat, but you become attatched to them :)