Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Tuesday

okay, so i obviously have decided not to quit blogging. just as i was getting to the peak of my frustration, suddenly comments magically appeared and then, wonder of wonders, i was able to post a picture yesterday!! hooray for the done button! thanks for all of your advice, i had been deleting my internet files, etc. but i think turning the computer off afterwards may have had something to do with it. so i'm smiling now :)

after this morning's phone date with my mom, i must rush off to a very specific address at a very specific time in order to have my "biometrics" captured. (what in the world are biometrics?) we're working on removing the conditions on my resident status ie. get my green card renewed, and the lovely immigration people just have so much fun getting all of us applicants to jump through very tiny hoops. for example, if i miss this appointment at all, even if i'm quite late, my "application will be considered abandoned" which means that the years and money that we've poured into me becoming a permanent resident will all be a waste because i will be deported and will have to start the immigration process all over again. what makes that bit especially fun is that i am KNOWN to get messed up with directions when driving. i have printed out a mapquest map and am leaving with EXTRA time to spare, but i still get butterflies in my tummy when i think "what if i can't find this place??!!

in pregnancy news, tristan is getting a little squished in there (he is apparently close to the size of a football now) and i can feel him kicking me in places other than my tummy. like my bladder for example. at this point, it kind of tickles and feels odd, but i can just imagine how it will feel once his kicks get stronger. i measure my waist every month and so far i'm at 40 inches...i seem to gain about an inch per month. my hair stopped falling out so rapidly right around the 4th month and i'm quite fine with that, as i was beginning to get fearful that tristan would take one long look at his mother with a receding hairline and be tempted to jump right back into my womb! i'm certainly getting that dark line down the center of my abdomen, which keeps getting darker. oh yes, and on the weight gain front, well...according to my bathroom scale, i've already gained 7 lbs since last month's appointment (we see the doctor in one more week) he told me to try and only gain 5 lbs instead of 10. well, i guess that didn't happen, but i am no longer as worried about it as i used to be. especially after hearing my friend sara's mom tell me how she used to get yelled at by her doctor for gaining too much weight, then immediately following the appointment, would purchase and devour 5 donuts in one sitting!

food still beckons and i still eat, i just try not to over do it. for the longest time i've been craving those little hostess cupcakes, you know, the chocolate ones with the creme inside? well, i am proud to say that i have avoided eating even one!!....until josh was in the grocery store with me the other day. we did buy a box. and i have eaten 2. and there are more in the box. but i WILL NOT buy another box! i'm writing this down so that you all can keep me accountable!

one more week till my mom and my aunties come sailing down the coast! VERY much looking forward to spending a whole day with those girls. i hope it's warm so we can splash around in their hotel pool. swimming is supposed to be one of the best exercises for pregnant women. OH MY GOSH, it's nearly time for our phone date and my mom will be calling at any moment.. gotta run!


Jennifer said...

Happy Tuesday to you too hon.

Danna said...

I love the progress pictures! That's such an awesome idea! Pregnancy looks good on ya. Hope all went well at the immigration place and thanks for the update on the pregnancy...glad you didn't quit...Can't wait to see pictures of your babe!

Jeff, Kristy & Hayley said...

I feel very mad for you Heidi, the dr's in the US must be different than the ones up here. I cant believe how much they obsess over weight gain. My dr. really didn't care, and I gained 50+ lbs with Hayley. I started at 120, and by 8 months i was at 160. We stopped countin after that so I'm not sure what I ended with, but I've heard of women gaining 100 lbs. I say if the mom and baby are healthy don't stress them out by complaining about weight gain. Anywyas I hope your next appointment goes well! You look so beautiful pregnant!

Naomi said...


My thoughts are with you as you jump through all the hoops for the INS people. We were told when working on T.s green card that they had lost his file. It took quite a while for that to get straightened out. I do not envy you the headache of it all. Last Oct. T got his 10 yr green card, which we are very thankful for.
I love all the Triston updates. :)


Naomi said...

Please forgive my typo.... I know it's Tristan... not Triston. I don't always hit the right keys :)

lil said...

I know biometrics!! And my fingerprints weren't good enough the last time I went!! It's quite picky! Amazing how we each have such individual fingerprints!! I had to go to Grd Jct. twice, but at least it wasn't all the way to Denver!
I hope I can get my naturalization papers in soon!
See you in five days!

Adams family said...

Im so glad that you are not going to quit blogging I would have missed you!

mom stew said...

even tho i don't look at this often, when i do i love seeing you and my grandson! plus all your writing cuz you are so good!
can't wait till you are done with work, and we can play more!!

love you

Anonymous said...

blah, immigration. I just mailed off my paperwork and a $330 check to become a citizen. I kept putting it off because I hate dealing with INS.

Good for you for resisting temptation.


Englers said...

heidi... its been OVER a WEEK!