Monday, January 01, 2007

an unforgettable new years eve

just a quick post to let everyone know that he's not here yet. i kinda feel like i need to blog more often to keep this updated, otherwise if i miss a few days, you'll think i'm in labor! i actually have plans all set to keep you updated when i'm having him. my people will not let you down.

pretty much the entire day yesterday was spent with me in agony from indigestion/stomach cramps. i threw up a couple of times, but that didn't ease the pain. i ended up calling my doctor to see if this could perhaps be labor (better safe than sorry) but he said if the pains last longer than 90 seconds at a time, then they're not contractions. he did give me the ok to have a bath, though which i enjoyed thoroughly. after the vomiting stopped (oooh, my blog is turning out to be such a disgusting place to visit, isn't it) i then pretty much felt the urge to sit on the toilet for the rest of the night. to bed at 10.00 (with visits to the bathroom until 2.00) and i think that this is the first year since i was like 8 years old that i haven't rung in the new year.

i feel bad for poor tristan who has nothing to eat in there. i am slowly sipping on a breakfast shake (frozen berries, yogurt, milk and a banana) but if i drink too much at once my tummy feels queasy again. of course i have read in all of the pregnancy books that indigestion and stomach cramping can be the pre-cursor to labor. however, i do not need another idea in my head to make me feel more impatient, so i have decided to think of him being born on january 19th, which is one week after his due date, and the day i would be induced. that's less than 3 weeks away, though it seems like an eternity to me.

perhaps next time i will be able to find something to blog about other than gross bodily fluids and impatience. :)

oh yeah, and happy new year everyone...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend leah in thailand, who has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth since november. comment, would you so that we know you're alive!


btk said...

That sounds very much like my precurser to labor... But good idea not to allow yourself to get your hopes up! So many wierd bodily things happen at the end of a pregnancy it's really hard to know. I'll just say one thing that was said to me, with all my late pregnancy experiences - everything is good "practice" for labor. By the sounds of it, nothing will take you by surprise!
Quick update from this neck of the woods - Wes phoned me and said Cornelia had their baby girl (Avery Elizabeth) Dec 30th. Born VERY premature but doing well (due date had been sometime in February!! Yikes!)

Jennifer said...

poor girl. wow what a night to remember.
Once again my only attempt to try to make you feel better about it all would be to say...I had that. everybody had that, that's normal.
But I didn't.
Please there is nothing you can say to embarass someone who has already given I want to know what you think placenta smells hear!
p.s. I had a very nice bath last night too.

Zandra said...

I missed you last night! We ended up having quite the wild night too...we watched The Count of Monte Cristo just Brandon and I all snuggled up on the couch. At least we stayed up to ring in the New Year, though.

Meredith said...

I know you are in the hospital right now and I am praying for you.

Zandra said...

**((Hugs & Kisses))**