Tuesday, February 06, 2007

thank you

i just wanted to quickly say thanks for all of the advice! i honestly knew that by asking for advice, i was opening the flood gates, but i was so ready for anything else to try. since that day (i guess that was one week ago) things have improved. i got the baby bjorn out of the closet (for some reason, i thought that he would only fit in it when he was older) and have worn him around the house...he is usually pretty content in there and *bonus* i can actually make myself lunch at the same time! i did find gripe water at the health food store, but they wanted $14 for a tiny little bottle, so i got the drops instead for $5 can't remember what they're called, starts with an "M" i'm glad i have them on hand, but i really don't think his problem is gas, since when i gave him some, the taste kind of startled him into silence, then he picked up where he had left off with his crying, and no burps came out. i think the most helpful advice was just telling me to relax. i can get kind of stressed out and sleep deprivation certainly doesn't help with that. i'm keeping the routine idea in the back of my head, but kind of doing what he wants right now. most of the time that means feeding him as soon as he wakes up and also before he'll fall asleep. at this point i don't mind feeding him to get him to sleep; at least he's quiet when he's eating!

the doctor's appointment went well. he now weighs 8lbs 12oz, which is over 2 lbs more than his weight 3 weeks prior (he was down to 6-10 before my milk came in) and so the doctor was very happy. when i described what had been happening with tristan, he said it just sounds like the fussy period that most babies have in the evenings and encouraged me to keep trying new things, like taking him for a walk in his stroller before bedtime. he has had a few very good days in a row, where he basically hasn't cried at all! i was able to enjoy the annual scottish tea at my mother in law's on saturday, josh and i went to a superbowl party on sunday, and he pretty much slept through everything. when he did wake up, he was content just to look around at everything.

oh yes, and he's just started to smile! it's still kind of shy and hesitant, but it melts my heart. he's very vocal as well, cooing and babbling, so we like to "talk" to each other. he tells the best stories.

i do wish that i was able to blog more, but i've been taking advantage of his nap times to take a nap myself...either that, or get some sort of work done in the house. i do have a couple of blogs that i'm wanting to post soon, not so baby related. will try to get to it. so again, thanks so much, you all have no idea how good it feels to have all of this support and to know that i'm not in this boat alone.


Kathy said...

Hurray for you relaxing more and Tristan feeling more content. You sure got a lot of great input that you can pick and choose from! It's quite a journey this thing called parenting - challenging and VERY rewarding.


Lovella said...

Heidi, I'm so glad things are improving. Isn't it great that we can have the good sense to ask for help from those who have "been there . . done that" and then God gives the wisdom to know what piece of advise is best for you.

Shannon said...

ooooh, you need a sling!!!

The drops and gripe water do work differently so if it keeps up, the $14 is worth every single second of sanity.

enjoy the naps.

Jennifer said...

'he tells the best stories' that made me smile.
I think my friends said I started to calm down when she was 9ish months old.


Jill's world of research, reaction, and millinery said...

He hardly cried at all a couple of days? I take it back, you don't have a difficult child, you have an easy child.
And baby carriers/front pack style are a household life saver! Love pictures of babies in front packs at a few weeks, and then another one at one year!
Glad things are a little better.

Family Of Five said...

Okay.... he sounds so much like my girl!! Wasn't colic... Dr. said just a fussy period. I spent many a nights sleeping on the couch with her in her swing. The swing was our saving grace with her!! At night she would usually scream for about half an hour in there then fall asleep. She was actually the crankiest baby ever until: Weirdest thing we went for her 1 yr shots... Dr told me the shots may make her a bit cranky, I told her she couldn't possibly get any crankier.... ever since those shots she has been great!! She also really liked stimulation... still does..... would be cranky as heck at home... but so much less cranky when we were out and she could look around at so much more. We too loved the Bjorn... she hated the stroller!! I catered to her in the daytime and tried to let her 'cry it out' when it was sleeping time so I didn't screw up her schedule. She too was always hungry and I fed her when she wanted it. She is a small girl and she still out eats my son. She has a really high, fast metabolism. Good luck!!

Z-Mama said...

Yay, Heidi!!! Glad you're feeling better! You can try my sling too if you want...it's just sitting around waiting to be used. I haven't figured out how to use it for Kammie's size, although I'm told there is a way.

Tamara Liebenthal said...

Hey Heidi,

Hope everything's well. You've been quiet for a while. Happy Valentine's Day, by the way. Your first one with two loves. I just wanted you to know that Mark and I have a new blog site. Could you replace Mark's link with this address? plantingpennies.blogspot.com In fact, all you cousins out there in blog world may feel free to add us to your family link list. Mark will do most of the writing which means I just have another blog to read in the morning. :)
Have a good afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Mylicon is the "M" name you are looking for. It's also called Simethecone. Thanks, Laura (Jill's daughter)