Tuesday, April 24, 2007


my computer still won't let me comment (at times i really want to chuck it out the window) so, in response to lovella's blog: no, i did not sleep well last night because...tristan is sick and was waking up every 1-2 hours just sobbing with a stuffed up nose. the worst part about this whole thing is that i gave it to him. i got sick on friday and tried SO hard to wash my hands frequently and not kiss my child for fear of my germs landing on his sweet little body, but i guess i wasn't careful enough. my cold was quite a nasty assortment of sinus pain/sore throat/ headache/ congestion. my heart just breaks knowing what he's feeling and being pretty powerless to do much about it. we've elevated his crib mattress to help with the congestion and i give him infant tylenol at night to help him sleep a bit better, but on the whole he is just a miserable, sad version of his usual self. poor little guy.

so that's whats new and exciting here. it's 7:00 and i'm getting ready for bed to try and make up for the 3 hours sleep i got last night.

night night.


Family Of Five said...

Just a quick note.... my daughter always slept horribly when I gave her tylenol. I always found that giving her tylenol she was up more at night. I used other stuff instead, I think it was advil... but for whatever reason it worked better. :) Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Jennifer said...

it's true...the infants ibprofen has always worked really well to knock out my kids.
And did you know that since they are 2 different drugs that work 2 different ways that you can give him a dose of each? Thereby maximizing the potential of relief for him. Dr. said so.
Just make sure you don't exceed daily allowances of course.
(I've been doing that since C was little)

Oh exciting for you...Tristan's first cold...no doubt you are documenting like crazy and hanging onto such precious keep sakes like his first boggery kleenex!
(all sarcasm and fascisousnees intended)

Lovella said...

oh Heidi, you poor girl. It is so hard knowing what to do for sick little babies. If that's not bad enough you are exhausted trying to care for them.
It doesn't matter how much we wash our hands . .. sometimes we just get sick. Good thing that Tristan is such a strong boy, he'll be back to his smiles soo.

Jenn & Wade said...

Heidi, one of the best things I use when my kids get sick is saline drops for their noses, this definatly helped especially when they are so little and can't do anything. This is what our dr. and a friend told me to use and you can find special drops just for children at Walmart or grocery stores...and also use the "nose sucker" as we call it! Hopefully he gets well very soon!