Friday, April 13, 2007


i can't believe i've actually made it to the "new post" section of my blog!!! i've been trying for days to get on here and my computer, for some reason, has decided to hate all things blogger. i haven't been able to post comments, see pictures or write a post. now that i'm here and writing, i find myself kind of tongue tied.'s what's been happening:

~in the absence of blogging i joined facebook which immediately sucked me in. after a bit, the charm wore off, though as i find blogging just so much more personal and informative.

~after nearly an entire pregnancy of having strong, healthy hair, it has now decided to fall out in rather alarmingly large handfulls. i do know that this is normal, but it's quite annoying to be shedding so much. tristan nearly always has a few strands in his fists.

~i made chicken caesar salad the other day and mistakenly poured ranch dressing on it instead of caesar. i wouldn't recommend it.

~gramps is out of the hospital (hooray!) and his appetite is coming back.

~tristan has been teaching me patience as his naps have been anywhere from nightmarish to heavenly. i'm trying very hard to just have fun riding this roller coaster instead of demanding the same results every day.

~we watched the pursuit of happyness the other day and were both quite disappointed at how sad the whole thing was.

~our friend miriam is coming to stay with us this weekend, which we are very much looking forward to. she is one of the best people to talk to that i've ever met.

~drove the hour north up to sis' house on wednesday, only to get back in my car and drive home a couple of hours later. tristan had a couple of Extreme Meltdowns due to lack of sleep and he refused to sleep there. that was a tiring day.

~our houseplants have been murdered. josh took them outside awhile ago to rinse them off and give them a bit of sun. they were not impressed. now they all seem to be dying a slow death and we can do nothing but watch helplessly as they all wither into nothing.

i hear my boy waking up...gotta run


Jennifer said...

and yet He knows how many hairs are on your head.

which leads me to my next question. does He know how many blades of grass are in my backyard?

Oh I'm so cheeky.
may I be so bold as to prophesize?
next, 9 months worth of pimples will make an appearance on your face and it will be like from out of nowhere and yet there they are.
which then leads me to surmize that He even knows about the pimples on ones bum!
ahahhahahaha have a great day.
smile, I'm thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

poor houseplants. You had a lovely collection of plants too didn't you?

I can never keep anything green.


Mark and Tamara said...

Thanks for not deserting us for facebook. You have such an excellent memoir of life in your blog. It's a treasure.


kelly said...

i'm STILL losing my hair. i'm sure it's slowed down some, but i don't remember so much coming out after a shower BEFORE i was pregnant (with Taeya - not announcing anything!)

Z-Mama said...

I swear I typed in a comment last night...
Anyways, I am so glad to get an update on Gramps...thanks!