Saturday, September 01, 2007

whats new

i've felt completely uninspired lately, which is why i haven't blogged, but i know how annoying it is when others don't update their blogs, so i'll write a few uninspired words anyhow :)

the massage was heavenly. i think i may have even drooled a little bit, which the masseuse told me was not out of the ordinary! unfortunately, the spa is located next door to an animal hospital, so the first 15 minutes of my massage were serenaded by a poor little puppy, just crying his eyes out. didn't bother me much, though, as having a baby kind of gets you used to perpetual crying! when it was over, she told me to be sure to drink plenty of water to flush all the toxins out. i came home and did just that, but despite nearly drowning myself in glass after glass of water, i started feeling quite sick and was pretty much out of commission for the next few days. i really don't think the massage caused it, but it may have helped to bring it on. tristan was miserable and sick as well, so we were quite the fine pair. tristan still has a bad cough that keeps both of us up at unearthly hours of the night, but his snot bubbles seem to have dispersed.

though our neighbors are now back from vacation, they still welcome us to use their pool, so we've been taking advantage of that, especially now that the temperature has been over 100 degrees the past few days. my friend janet and her son kolby came over friday morning to go for a walk, but even though they got here at 8:30, it was already too hot to be outside! it frustrates me that we live in such a seemingly "ideal" area of the world, yet its often too blooming hot to enjoy the sun! right now thunder and lightening are heading this way, adding to the humidity. i just hope we get a huge dumping of rain!

as i said in my last post, my mom purchased the plane ticket for tristan and me to fly to canada in early october. i called the passport office a couple of days ago to see where my renewal application was at. i was told that it would take 15 weeks to get it back!!!! i asked if i could expedite it, and even that cannot be promised. my heart just sinks everytime i think about it. my mom is still quite optimistic, and many prayers have been going up daily. i'd hate to think that the money my parents spent on the ticket would be wasted (it wasn't a cheap flight!) and it also disappoints me that i may not be able to visit this year....i was so looking forward to sharing canadian thanksgiving with my family. i'd appreciate it if you all could just send a little prayer up for my slow-moving passport, that God would give it wings and have it fly through all of the necessary steps and arrive at my doorstep in ample time for my vacation. thanks!

tristan is 8 months old today. he has graduated from pureed food to slighty chunky food, like mashed bananas and avocados. he's not too good at getting finger food into his mouth yet, but he sure loves the organic teething biscuits i bought him. he has a very sensitive gag reflex, though, so if too large of a chunk gets to the back of his mouth, his entire dinner comes back up! he just got the hang of his sippy cup and LOVES sipping on water during his meals. he's not any closer to crawling, but his favourite thing is still practicing his walking while holding onto our hands. he's outgrown so many clothes and is now wearing 12-18 month sizes! his hair is getting thicker and i love how its all messy when i get him out of bed. he's down to 2 naps per day and usually sleeps 12 hours at night (6:30-6:30) though rarely straight through! he is overall a very joyful little boy and we enjoy him so much. i've been reading a few baby sign books and am starting to use signs with certain words to get him used to it. there are so many milestones and stages to look forward to, but i'm savoring each new day with him. he is my sunshine.

well, i should go tidy the house a bit. our friends tim and gia are coming over with their 2 girls to go swimming with us. have a lovely long weekend, everyone!


btk said...

I always love hearing updates from you, even if you think your words are uninspired! They're always interesting! I hope you and Tristan are both feeling better. And I'm happy to hear he's not crawling quite yet - the less for him to get into ;) No rush!

Grandma J. said...

Thanks Heidi for the informative update, I always look forward to reading a new post from you, even though we talk on the phone at least once a week. Yes, I am still "optimistic" about your passport being ready - praying my concerns to God. We'll get you north for a visit sometime this year, don't worry. Kiss chubby guy for me.

running wildly said...

Not bad for not being inspired!
Will pray for the passport.

Z-Mama said...

Sounds like some good times! You also sound like you are back to the point of being able to do more socially. You must feel so much more "free" now that Tristan is on such a great routine! Enjoy the rain today!

Shannon said...

lovely on the massage and pool use. Glad you're feeling a little better too. The sickies keep following me around lately.

Hugs and prayers for your passport issue as well. Is this for a Canadian one? Does Tristan have his American one? Losing sleep over this will NOT help regardless. Can the plane ticket be postponed?

Janet said...

I love massages, don't worry, if you don't drool then your not relaxed! The rain was great, except we had a little bit of a flooding issue. Talk to you soon.

Sorlil said...

so glad you updated, I really wanted to know how the massage went! Interesting you mention about baby signing, a friend has just lent me a video on using sign language with babies, I haven't watched it yet. Really hope the passport get sorted in time.

Lovella said...

. ..don't worry about the passport. We'll pray you up here.

I'm always happy to know what to pray specifically so thank you for sharing.

Jennifer said...

...if i don't drink enough h20 after a massage i get tired/groggy.

...seemed silly to me to pray for my passport but I did...and it came. we'll be doing R's soon, but have no trips planned :(

Is your toe all better?

lil said...

Are you renewing or gettig a new US passport, or are you talking about your CDN one? It has taken very long with the new rule about having a passport now for crossing any border in North America! I will pray you get it, even if it's at the 11th hour!
If you would have expedited it with $100 when you sent it, you'd have it in 10 days! Craziness. We know what it's like.

Anika said...


Thanks for the updates! Hope you get your passport in time!

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