Tuesday, October 30, 2007

is that a baby under your shirt or....?

okay, i have to vent here: i was in the grocery store on sunday with josh and tristan, going through the checkout lineup. there's a sweet clerk who works there and she always coo's over tristan and when i see her working, i like to go through her line. so, we chatted for a bit, relieved to hear the neither of our houses burned, and she said how cute tristan was looking etc. etc. and then she said it...the question NOBODY should ever ask a female (or a male, for that matter). she said, "when are you due?" the smile froze on my face as i said "pardon me?" thinking that perhaps her poor english had something to do with getting her words mixed up. she patted her belly and said, "you having another baby?" i did my best to laugh graciously while saying "oh no, not yet!" josh chimed in, trying to ease the awkward situation by saying, "soon!" (if it was up to him, i'd be pregnant yesterday). then we were all quiet and i could see that she was super embarassed. i think she must have said "sorry"but i can't quite remember because it was all a blur as my mind whirred with so many thoughts, the main one being "WHY did we just buy that cheesecake?" so there it is. even though i've had no baby in my womb for nearly 10 months, it still looks like i do. lovely. i've not shed a tear about this, but i have gotten myself back on my weight watchers plan from which i strayed weeks ago. big steep hill, here i come again.

in other, happier news: we found a place!!! we just signed the papers yesterday and move in the middle of november. once our town was re-opened after the evacuation, many people found their houses burned to the ground. immediately, rentals all over town were snatched up as families desperately tried to find places to live, so josh and i lost no time in grabbing what we could. fortunately, the place we grabbed is the nicest and most affordable of all the places we looked at. though its smaller than what we're in now, its been completely remodelled inside, has 3 bedrooms and even a bit of a backyard! we've already been blessed with friends and family providing things we need, like couches, washer and dryer, fridge, etc. God is so good! thanks for all of your prayers that we'd find the right place!

tristan was completely ill yesterday, the worst he's ever been. he was feverish and tired and sad all day and it just broke my hear to see him so miserable. all he wanted was to cling to me and lay his head on my chest. he slept most of the day on me, which didn't allow me to get many things done around the house. thankfully, i had just started reading a fabulous novel called "abide with me" by elizabeth strout. its written so eloquently that i want to make sure and read it nice and slowly, savouring every word. so yesterday was a day off of sorts for me, as i cuddled my sick little boy and enjoyed my book.

this is why i've got to stop blogging and actually get some things done today!


lil said...

What an amazing, exciting October for you guys!! First the lovely trip home, all happy!! Then the devastating news that you had to move, but in the light of the fires, I'm sure you're blessed that you were able to evacuate, and then the Lord blessed you with another place!!
I was thinking it WOULD have been kinda fun if you HAD to move far away, and could come stay with us here in Colorado!! Hey, don't let a fire make you come, take a trip and come visit anyway!! =) You're always welcome here.

Shannon said...

yippee on ending the house hunt. Praying for a peaceful move. Sounds like you have lots of help and support, wonderful.

Um, not so wonderful on the grocery store clerk comment. Thursday was the FIRST time a stranger actually asked when I was due. How sad is that. I'll be joining you on weight watchers in about 12 weeks.

Z-Mama said...

Oh my goodness! That is the worst thing EVER when that happens! I had someone from church (so I will not be mentioning names...) ask me that same question last Christmas! Kams was only 9 months old!
Praise the Lord on your new place! I can't wait to hear more about it!

Jenn & Wade said...

Heidi, I have a few rantings of my own to go along with your grocery clerk lady. I think the one that made me the maddest was awhile after I lost Brennan and people came up and asked me when I was due....pretty much wanted to punch them in the face and yell, "I'm just as pregnant as you are" to the person!=) Women of all people should know not to ask other woman that question!
I'm so glad you guys found a new place to live and I hope T gets to feeling better really soon. Jenn

Sarafina said...

So glad you've found a new place to live!!
Sounds great.
Pooh to the grocery clerk...seriously!
I would love more details on how you're doing
Weightwatchers, I've heard it's really effective, and I could definitely use it too (0:

Jennifer said...

when you stop breast feeding...fat flush plan..ann louise gittleman...seriously...been following it for 2 years now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heidi,
I just want to say, that I think you look great. I can't believe why that clerk would say that. You are so beautiful and be thankful for that lingering weight.....you had a gift from God. Anyways, I'm happy to hear you got a new place. Jim & I wanted to offer our big truck to help load and move things. So put us on the list of helpers and give me a call.
Lots of Love,

Lovella said...

We were talking about you the other day and wondering if all the fires would make it more difficult for you to find and place. I'm so glad this prayer has been answered.

. . .hugs

Jack Ensor said...

First off, I want to say how happy I am that you guys did not lose your home. Next I want to say that I am really happy that you got the best deal on a different one. Everyone loves good deals! About the "when are you due" question, don't worry, I get that all the time.

Family Of Five said...

Well... about the when you are due question.... I first off think you look fantastic!!! There could really be lots of reasons besides the way you look that may make her ask that. It doesn't mean she thought you looked pregnant!! Seriously, it could have been you touched your belly without knowing like many pregnant people do, or your son or hubby could have.... it could have been something you bought or something she overheard or something you were wearing or she could have just been assuming. Don't think it means you have a bunch of dieting to do. Our bodies are never the same after babies! :) Hugs to you!