Thursday, November 29, 2007

7 random things about me

thanks for all of your ideas re the christmas tree. i had originally thought we'd just get a "Charlie Brown" type tree this year and put it on top of the tv or something, but much to my husband's consternation, i've changed my mind and want at least a 4 footer. which is, by the way, small for us! we'll just have to teach tristan how to be gentle and hopefully i won't find too many pine needles in his diapers! i especially loved corinne's idea of a child friendly nativity, so i may have to add another thing to tristan's christmas list. :)

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1. i don't like dogs. now, before all of you dog lovers become hysterical and vow never to read my blog again, i must remind you that i never said i hate dogs, i just said that i don't like dogs. this is a fact that i usually keep to myself since i seem to get all sorts of weird, questioning looks when i share it like, "how can you NOT like dogs??" well, i'll tell you why. they're annoyingly noisy, they're smelly and if they're not the aggressive type that look like they want to chew your face off, then they're the enthusiastic type that either leap up onto your chest digging their claws in, or they go straight to stuffing their snout between your legs. if we ever do get a dog, it will be an outside dog. period, full stop.

2. i am a people pleaser. anyone who knows me well will be nodding their head right now. not only am i a people pleaser, but i'm also a bit of a perfectionist, which can be a lethal combination. i used to nearly hyperventilate anytime we had people over for dinner because not only did i feel i had to make a delicious meal that everyone would love, i also felt that every speck of dirt had to be eradicated from the entire house before their arrival. oh yes, and the perfect mood music had to be playing softly in the background at just the right volume and candles had to be lit here and there to add to the ambiance of a warm and inviting home...well, three and a half years of marriage to a man who frequently gives me reality checks has cured me of my extreme perfectionism. however, a part of it still lingers and i believe it always will. i will not be enitirely satisfied with life until i can make a batch of homemade cookies that josh will go gaga over.

3. i cannot stand to have josh touching me while i'm asleep. lucky for us, he can't stand to have me touching him while he's asleep. so every night, we cuddle and talk a bit, then kiss and say "night night" and we each roll away from each other to the outermost corners of our huge bed.

4. i was so painfully shy as a child that when my parents had guests over, i'd run to the living room and put my head underneath the couch with the rest of my body laying motionless on the floor. i guess i thought that if i couldn't see them, they wouldn't be able to see me. in kindergarten, i was too shy to raise my hand and ask the teacher if i could use the bathroom, so instead i quietly peed all over my navy blue jumper and onto the bean bag chair i was sitting on. when the teacher asked me in front of my classmates if i had peed on the beanbag chair, i shook my head as my face grew warm. of course, i didn't think to hide the fact that my outfit was soaking wet. i'm no longer painfully shy, but that shy little girl still comes out at times. oh yes, and even though my kindergarten teacher embarrased me horribly that day, i still named my cabbage patch doll after her: brenda.
5. i adore claire danes. ever since grade 8 when leah and i watched the first episode of "my so called life" after school, i have been a huge fan. i think she has such an interesting beauty that i tried to capture numerous times with pencil sketches in my highschool art book. i haven't seen every single movie she's been in, but i'm getting there. i suppose you could say i have a sort of crush on claire. not in any romantic way, of course, but in the way that i'd like to think that we'd be great friends if we ever met. i think audrey hepburn would have to be my all time favourite actress, but claire danes was my first favourite actress.

6. i don't really drink soda (or pop, as i used to call it). i'd really rather eat my calories than drink them, plus its so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. once in awhile i'll take a swig of josh's pepsi and that will do me for a good week or so.

7. i am very picky about Christmas traditions. probably a lot of it is due to the fact that when i moved here, i felt as if i was losing a whole lot of what was familiar to me. so every Christmas while we trim the tree, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" has to be playing. every december i have to read the book "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. and every Christmas Eve josh and i snuggle under a warm blanket while watching "Its a Wonderful Life" which is my all time favourite movie.
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Grandma J. said...

Wow Heidi, you did a good job of explaining, with pictures I might add, of just a part of who you really are. Fun to read from a mom's perspective. I would not have wanted you to be any different than the way you are!
PS I noticed you used the past tense in the description of your people pleasing persona. I think you have just made "adjustments" in your maturing 20's.

Lee said...

aww sweet girl. I was bummed to miss your call today. I will maybe post...
I just feel so blase, regarding blogging. I still love to read though!!

Lovella said...

Oh Heidi, I so enjoyed this post. I felt a little teary about your kindergarten experience.
What a terribly wonderful thing that you will have high speed internet, I'm looking forward to speed posting with pictures.

Sorlil said...

I love the way you did yours with pics, interesting sound like you were such a cute kid, and teachers can been sooo mean!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

You and my daughter are of one mind about dogs! Some hospitals have dogs that visit patients. Those patients don't get to have Laura for their nurse; she asks to be reassigned.

Kathy said...

Heidi - What an incredible job of poting seven random things. Now you will be tagged all the time....Let's see what can I think of quick just to read and see some more of this creativity??

Someone married to your brother was very shy in kindergarten too.

I'm looking forward to pictures of your new home. If you want.