Tuesday, December 11, 2007

bits & bobs

* i finally got another video to upload on tristan's picture blog, so take a peek if you'd like to see a few of his rather awkward steps. i'm pretty sure he's got a couple more teeth coming in since he's been gnawing on his fingers and drooling like crazy.

* as of yesterday i am officially FINISHED christmas shopping (insert hallelujah chorus here) i don't think i've ever been done this early! i'm getting very excited for christmas.

* friends of ours, chris and chandra just had a baby girl on sunday named abigail pearl, who i'm dying to meet and hold!

* after browsing many cool websites and finding a gazillion awesome gift ideas, i've decided that next year i'm going to do all of my christmas shopping online because there's nothing worse than driving 45 min to a store with a grumpy child, only to find that the item you wanted is out of stock.

* i have officially fallen (or perhaps jumped?) off of the weight watchers bandwagon and don't plan on jumping back on until after christmas. i just adore food TOO MUCH. besides, i only have 10 more lbs to go and once i'm finished nursing (next month) i'm hoping that those pounds will disappear along with my incredible shrinking ta ta's. i just discovered that they now make almond joy cookies. oh dear.

* it is officially cold down here in southern california and we have just realized that our heater doesn't work. lovely. i guess that means i'll have to do some christmas baking so that the oven will help to heat the house.

...so i'm off to bake some cookies!


Anonymous said...

heidi, you're funny.

Danna said...

Glad you are done all you're christmas shopping! Now you can sit back and relax!

Shannon said...

I've found that losing 10 pounds of ta ta's doesn't count as reaching my goal weight. ;) ENJOY the holidays and get back on the wagon next month.

Christmas shopping. hmmmm. I might think about doing that. Birthday shopping too. man I am so lazy!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new template!!! We do tones of our Christmas shopping online... i find what i am looking for more often and the price is usually better.... :)

Lee said...

I am still waiting patiently by the computer for you to help me...
dont you feel bad now ;)