Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hair-brained mama

thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes! between this blog and facebook and all of the sweet phone calls i got, i felt so loved, it was wonderful!

i had a great birthday. tristan woke up at 6am but i had no idea because josh got him out of bed and kept him quiet until he had to leave for work at 6:30, so i got to sleep in a bit. then my friend sara showed up with a starbucks mocha for me and a birthday gift. the phone kept ringing all day and then josh got home from work early. he was going to bbq some carne asada, but it was raining, so we decided to order in some greek food instead. it was SCRUMPTIOUS, though next time i'll be tempted to order tristan his own meal since the little scavenger kept begging us for scraps even though he had already eaten!

while we were out to pick up the food, we stopped at the grocery store to grab a few ingredients for josh's amazing deep dish brownies that he made for me. tristan usually loves wandering up and down the aisles, giving strangers huge grins, but for some reason every time i tried to put him down, he'd start fussing and cling to my legs. once we got home we discovered why he wouldn't walk my haste to get the food, i had put his shoes on the wrong feet! never done THAT before. poor little guy was getting his legs all twisted up!

after dinner i relaxed in a bubble bath with a glass of wine while the smell of brownies wafted upstairs. once tristan was in bed, josh and i enjoyed large glasses of milk with his mouth-watering brownies and cuddled in bed while watching a dvd on our laptop. oh yes, and i got some great gifts as well, including money from tristan to get a pedicure at a spa!

my pedometer officially sucks, so i admit i haven't been wearing it lately. i took 10 steps with it on and checked it and it said i took 23 steps. as much as i appreciate its generous spirit, i'd rather have something more accurate, so i think i may look into getting a better one. especially since sara and i have been walking 4 miles the past 2 days.

tristan is enjoying the semi-freedom of his wearable blanket by choosing to sleep on his tummy. i really hope i don't jinx myself by saying this, but he's been sleeping through the night regularly for about 5 days now. he no longer has 2 naps a day, but instead has one nice, long nap. last week i was trying to push the timing of his nap later and later and found that he'd only nap for about an hour, so instead i brought the timing waaaay forward, to 10:30 and that must be the magic number because he's been napping for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours and it is WONDERFUL! he still wakes up early in the morning no matter how late his bedtime is, so we put him to bed around 7pm and enjoy a nice evening alone. life is good. :)


heidi said...

oops. i must have jinxed it. its 5am and he's been wide awake in his crib since 4:30. maybe i should delete the last paragraph of my post and see if he goes back to sleep.....

Dena said...

I'm officially jealous. I want to fly back and go on the walks with you guys! Seriously, can I go on Craig's List to find a walking buddy??????? SO glad your birthday was wonderful. And oh, my goodness, my mouth starting watering when you mentioned Josh's brownies. YUMMY! :o)

Z-Mama said...

Oh, my goodness! I must be the worst friend ever! I DID think about you ON your birthday...I thought to myself "I think Heidi's Bday is coming up..." Then I asked Sara the next day and when she told me "yeah, it was yesterday," I totally felt like a heel. And then of course my airheadedness took over again, and I forgot to call or at least drop you a line. So, anyhoo, HAPPY BELATED 28TH BIRTHDAY!!!
I feel like I never see you anymore...I wish I could go walking too, but I am too hugely pregnant for any of that sort of nonsense! Perhaps two months from now I can join in!

Lovella said...

Heidi, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. Oh it sounded just marvelous.
Good job on the 4 mile walk. That is tons of steps. I was just heading on my own walk .. thanks for the boost.

Jennifer said...

You dared write about it out loud...silly mama.
Anyways...sounds like a heavenly way to spend a if only everyday could be just as lovely!