Saturday, January 12, 2008

the new Queen of Sedentary

so, i decided to take lovella up on her walking challenge and purchased myself a pedometer the other day (every time i say the word pedometer, josh cracks up because he says that it sounds like a medical tool used to measure feces or something). to be honest, before i had even strapped the thing onto my waist, i was already feeling a bit smug about blowing lovella's goal of 7000 steps out of the water. i mean, i run after a toddler all day long PLUS take a walk every day. i thought it would be a piece of cake. hmmm...well, i guess i now know that i DON'T walk as much as i though i did. but only 4785 steps? i'm feeling a bit disgusted with myself, but also hopeful because now i am even more motivated to get my step count up. especially since i've posted it on my blog for all to see. i'll let you know when i reach 7000 and then i'll up my goal even more.
my mom's visit was great. it was nice and relaxing to have her here all to myself! unfortunately, tristan got sick a few days after she arrived, then had to get his 12 month shots, so he wasn't quite the picture of happiness that he normally is. by the way, he now weighs nearly 27lbs and is still in the 95th percentile for his height and weight. it was great leaving tristan with josh one afternoon and going out for lunch and a bit of shopping with my mom. now that i'm in the process of weaning tristan, i'm finding the freedom so nice. right now i still nurse him once a day (before bed), but i'll wean him off of that feed this week hopefully and then i'll have my body back to myself!! that is, until we decide to make another baby and start this whole thing over again. *******************************************************************************
yesterday josh's parents invited us to go to the souplantation with them for dinner. since tristan woke up at 4:45am and didn't go back to sleep until a short nap later on (i know, poor me!) we knew he'd need an early bedtime, plus josh got home from work early. so we decided to eat an early dinner. we ate at 3:30. it was actually quite nice! we filled up on all sorts of lovely salads and soups and rolls and, of course, desserts and were in no hurry to make it back home. tristan was asleep by 6:30pm and josh and i watched the movie "everything is illuminated" until our eyelids got too heavy. (although it is a Premium Film, we've seen it once already, so we turned off the Rigid Search of Alex and the Jew named Jonfen in order to Repose). we turned out the lights and went to sleep at 8:30!! i've been known to retire to bed at such an hour before (especially during tristan's first months of life) but i've NEVER seen josh go to bed so early before. it was awesome! i slept like a log until 5:45 when tristan demanded to be let out of bed and i felt splendid :)***************************************************************************
i'm leaving you with "before" and "after" pictures of our backyard. see what a difference a few inches of rain can make? we'll be sure to enjoy our temporary grass before it dries up and disappears until next january.

before the rain

after the rain


Lovella said...

Oh Heidi, first rule, no beating up oneself. Maybe your pedometer cheated you a bit. Walk with a good amount of bounce. smiling now.

I'm so glad you are joining the club. We need young blood too.
Oh and Heidi, give yourself a big hug for feeding Tristan yourself until now. No wonder he's such a strapping young lad. I bet your mom is so proud of you. Nice picture of the two of you too.

Audrey... said...

I do a four mile loop near your house in the morning every so often if you and Tristan ever want to join.

Grandma J. said...

Such a nice visit to your hometown Heidi, I truly felt like I was on holiday! Did you have go measure your step to set your pedometer? Dad and I used to use one and enjoy seeing how much we'd walked when we did some of our long Vancouver "hikes", but after awhile you get to know how many steps you've taken by how long the walk was. Keep it up, and yahoo to going to bed early and feeling great for it the next day! Love you all

Jack Ensor said...

Am I the only one who noticed that you said that your one-year old is 27 pounds?! Holy cow. That is so awesome. Atta boy! He must be half Canadian or something.

As for the pedometer, you're making me feel guilty for not working out. I guess I need to go and do that. Sigh. But I don't want to! I'm throwing a tantrum in the lobby of the Sheraton in Birmingham.

Lori said...

First off, it was awesome that your word verification was Stewey when you left me that last comment. How tall is Tristan? Garrett is almost six months older and it in the 49th for height and the 42 for weight. He weighs in at a whole 25 pounds. And he's 32 inches tall. He's a pip squeak next to Tristan. But then, Troy's a pip squeak next to Josh. :-)

corinne said...

I wish I could send you some of our rain. I feel like a fish over here.
Yes, Tristan must be a big boy but let me tell you, my friend's baby is 6 months old and weighs 25lbs. and my friend only breast feeds him. Babies are all so different. My first boy weighed 27lbs at 2 years old - now he is 14 and very much the same as the other boys his age - well maybe a bit shorter.

Charlene said...

Heidi, i can't believe the difference only two days of rains makes.Wow!
Ditto someone else's comment that it's a very nice picture of you and your mom.
now you've made me curious about how many steps i take a day..I think i walk a lot, but maybe not!
almost 5000 steps seems like a lot to me.

Lee said...

your out walking so much that you arent updating!!!
Listen if walking is going to get in the way of some serious lazy time in front of the computer. We need to set our priorities here...
good for you.