Wednesday, February 13, 2008

skinny b!tches r us

i picked up a copy of this book at a borders bookstore before christmas and read the first few pages. it immediately sort of shocked me not only with the unique way in which it is written, but also with the way it actually turned me off junk food for awhile. and this after only reading a few pages! not for the easily offended, this book throws around filthy language as if its thinking about becoming a rap song and is full of in-your-face, stomach-churning information about all of the disgusting food we eat without a second thought. after requesting it from the library ages ago, it finally came in and i'm currently on the chapter entitled: "the dead, rotting, decomposing flesh diet" in which the authors use the term "carcass" instead of meat. stomach-churning, indeed. the next chapter is on dairy and i'm seriously considering eating all of my precious yogurts before reading it just in case it turns me off of them as well.

the authors, who from their photo on the back cover definitely look like 2 skinny (and gorgeous) b!tches, are basically promoting a vegan lifestyle, which i don't expect myself to begin following any time soon. honestly, my husband would NEVER be on board and i'm really not the kind of martha stewart who finds it easy to whip up 2 separate dinners each evening. however, i am getting a lot of good information that i never knew before (like exactly why sugar is the devil and how dangerous aspartame really is) and i hope that it will influence my food choices in a good way.

i also finally searched for and found my missing weight watchers points calculator, so i'm attempting to start afresh on counting points. yesterday i made the mistake of eating all of my points in the earlier part of the day, which resulted in a ravenous heidi in the evening who ended up pigging out on italian wedding soup followed by a dark chocolate purdy's heart sucker (lovingly sent by my mom for valentines day) followed by overwhelming guilt that i was eating past 8:00pm. *sigh*

i've got to do SOMETHING different here because these extra 10 lbs that i didn't have before i got pregnant with tristan are just hanging on for dear life around my middle. i really, really, really want to be rid of this ridiculous muffin top before i am again procreationally insemenated because i do believe all of those girls who tell me if i don't lose them before then, they're mine to keep.

one great new motivator is the new blog, "healthy chicks r us", which my friend leah and i started. there are currently only 4 members of this private blog and every week we weigh in and share our highs and lows with each other throughout the week. if any of you are interested in joining our fabulous chubby club, let me forewarn you that the entry fee is steep: you must post a "before" picture of yourself wearing only your skivvies. we all had to do it and we're all looking forward to posting those "after" pictures some day.

for those of you who are already "afters", please comment and let me know what your method was for kicking those stubborn pounds off of your body for good. i'm extremely open to ideas right now :)


Jack Ensor said...

Very entertaining book report.

I'm RSVPing on the Healthy Chicks R Us: Not Attending

Like I was invited.

btk said...

Freaky!! (About having to post a pic in almost nothing!!) Okay so after I had Mercy I couldn't get rid of those 10 nasty pounds either. I had Koby and they disappeared!! But somehow, now, 10 extra pounds has turned into 15. YIKES!!! Count me in. I gotta do SOMETHING. And hey, thanks for the book recommendation. I'm definitely getting it!
As for the picture... can I lose a few and THEN post? ;) Maybe I'll just go buy some pretty underthings first so I feel a BIT better... Hmm..

Yvonne&Eric said...

Please don't hate me for what I'm about to write:)
I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight plus I lost some more on top of that before the 9 months was up(I was told it takes 9 months to put the weight on, expect 9 months to get the weight off). I know - you can shoot me now:) But you were asking for advice so I figured I'd give the little advice I have.
Honestly, I didn't do anything too major. I exercised(which means I went for walks pushing the stroller, that was about it) and didn't keep a lot of junk food in the house. It's easier to not eat junk if it's not around. I happen to love fruits and veggies so it was easy to have those for snacks instead of looking for junk food. Nothing earth-shattering, just figured I'd come out of blog stalking and hopefully it helped a little bit. Good luck - keep at it!

marbroranch said...

Just wanted to put in my two cents as I'm also trying to lose post-pregnancy pounds...
I was reading in Self Magazine about a healthy, happy weight. They have a calculator and I realized that the weight I was shooting for was 10 lbs lower than I really should be going for. My goal now is to get fit and get to my 'happy' weight. I DO NOT want to be obsessed with this for the rest of my life. I grew up with a mom who was (and still is obsessed). I want my kids to have a healthy body image and I know that one of the main ways to instill that is to model it myself. Praying that the epiphany comes soon!!
Oh, and watch Hairspray. Completely inspiring to accept yourself and love yourself no matter what.
An anonymous reader...

corinne said...

Well I have previously done a program called the Weigh Down Workshop. It really worked for me and a lot of other people. Maybe there is something online about it. Basically, it is waiting till your body is hungry, eat what you want but only enough that you aren't physically hungry anymore. And then just keep listening to your body. This is a Bible based weight loss program. Have fun.

Meredith said...

I am currently working on something but the price is too steep for me in your 'club' ;)
I can tell you that I am loosing wieght (4lbs this week), working out 30mins 3 times a week, not eating crap and stopping before I am overfull.
Wishing you luck and support!

Lovella said...

Is there room for the menopausal pounds that have slipped from the middle to the thighs? Yikes. .it's an ongoing problem. . you think you have it licked in your early 30's and then it finds some way to torment again later.
I did the weigh down workshop too and I'm currently trying to once again only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. For the life of me the second part seems to be horrendously hard.
All the best . . .really.
Oh and find support that truly wants you to lose it and doesn't sabbotage your goals. I think that your new blog will be just the ticket for you.

Shannon said...

can I use photoshop? Can I have the photo taken from 300 yards away? From the ribcage up? It's cold here, skivvies include long johns and a turtleneck right now.

I really don't want to be the fattest naked person there but would be interested in joining the club. I'm not doing too well getting started on my own steam.

I like carcass. preferably that of cow or chicken.

Aria said...

I've been trying to get a hold of that book for a while now. I've only heard good things about it, (besides the language) I can't wait until I find a copy!

Lately I've been trying to get a little healthier so I've only been eating when I'm hungry and having lots of water all day long - even more during meals - I go about 8-9 glasses a day. I just started doing a mini work-out before bed too, though you must be pretty tired already before bed with your munchkin and all.
But so far so good for me, hope you find some good advise from everyone :) Good luck with the loosing!

Dena said...

So I've wanted this book for a long time, but just can't figure out how to have such a book in the house with a VERY observant 12 year old boy! :o) So NOT RSVPing! :o) But I really should though! Blame it on my very conservative upbringing.

Sarafina said...

Heidi I was seriously joining your chubby club until I was scared away by the entry fee...yikes! Everyone's issues in the food area are different for sure, but I have found one helpful resource in an online course: the Lord's Table at
BTW love your snow!!

Jennifer said...

Get this book...the fat flush plan by Anne Louise Gittleman. Then do what it voila...pounds disapear like magic. You could be 4weeks away from weighing 10 lbs less.
I'm an after, right?...this is what I did.

I do have goals to tone up here and there...can I get in?

Jennifer said...

p.s. I've been 'martha-ing' like that for over 2 years now. It was more like a this is what I gotta do for me kind of thing. Might be time to do what you gotta do for you.

Charlene said...

thanks for the book review.. it sounds interesting. The North American diet is horrible and does not help in the weight department.

I too have a nice little roll that doesn't seem to want to go away. To be honest I haven't really done anything to try and get rid of it yet, mostly because i'm still breastfeeding. I do walk everyday. But, i also commit the sin of eating late at night. I'm a compulsive snacker and i find i eat way more at night than i do during the day. sure doesn't help the tummmy!!

So i don't have any personal advice, but i do know that excersise and eating lots of fruits and veggies and minimizing starchy, fatty foods helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

Now I am one of those people who doesn't like the feeling of being really full so I always only eat until I am content and then I eat when I am hungry. I end up eating a lot more during the day but just smaller meals. I usually don't eat after dinner and if i do it is often fruit. I love fruit so I eat a lot of it and i also don't keep too much junk food in the house... it is definately easier to not eat it when it isn't there. however, i do have a bit just so that i won't go crazy eating it when i do. I try and walk every day as well as doing pilates... i have these great videos - winsor pilates for buns and thighs, and abs. But I don't think my body will ever look the same - Ben stretched me out way too much for that. So I also agree with the comment about living healthy but also having a healthy body image of yourself (something that i have really been challenged about lately). Also remember that some of that weight is muscle... you are lugging around a solid kid all day!!! I am stronger than i have ever been!!!

Demara said...

I lost 40 pounds in 4 months! How? The GI Diet. The books at the library. I still have 60 more to go now though, and I've plateaued for more than 4 months. I guess that just means I need to work my body harder right? And I guess I'm not ready for THAT yet, but my mind sure is! Just to get my mind in sinc with my body now, hmmmm.. As for this book, it looks like a real good read. I'll have to check it out at the library! Thanks for the info.