Wednesday, September 10, 2008

20 months is the new 2

so, i just got tristan down for his nap and grabbed some leftover chow mein to eat for lunch. i made the couple of phone calls that i've been procrastinating doing for SO long and then it was time to come upstairs and blog for a bit. i took a mini box of smarties from my stash of canadian treats, sat down in front of the computer, opened the box.....and it was full of raisins. i accidentally took a mini box of tristan's raisins instead of smarties. there's just something not quite right about eating a box of raisins when your taste buds were anticipating chocolate. ah well...

i would like to know who sent the memo to tristan that he is already 2 years old. at the wild animal park this morning, i saw a toddler wearing a shirt that read "Warning: I Am 2" i need to get my son one of those. i'm sure every child has their moments of whining and screaming and frustration, but honestly, he's been like that for days now without an end in sight! he walks the other way when i tell him to "come here", he hits us in the face, he shakes his head "no" to every question we ask, and every 10 minutes he is in the kitchen pulling at the door of the fridge, wanting some sort of snack, but shaking his head to everything we pull out for him. i decided today to try to stop asking him if he wants things and to just say "here you go" and it works somewhat, but OH MY GOODNESS whatever happened to my sweet, cuddly little boy?

thankfully, the falling asleep situation is improving. i've graduated from having to leave my hand on his back, to standing near the door, out of his eyesight and only going to him if he starts getting up, only to lay him back down. next step is out the door for me!

josh and i decided that its time for us to go on another date, but after realizing that there aren't any movies we'd like to see, we decided to drop tristan off at josh's folks house as planned, then come back to our house and enjoy a dvd and some cuddles in peace and without fear of interruption. (okay, so get over it that i put in the cuddles part, at least i didn't use a more telling word.) we might just pick up a frozen pizza on our way home and maybe bake some chocolate chip cookies as well. and you know, i'm really looking forward to pretending that we don't have a child for an afternoon. who knows, we may kind of miss his whiny little voice constantly begging for snacks.

okay, enough thinking about those darn smarties. i've really got to go get myself a box of them before my watering mouth threatens to drown me. then i'm off to hang lots of wet laundry on the line.


Lori said...

If I lived there still, we could put Tristan and Garrett in a sound proof room and let them hit each other in the face and we could have coffee or tea and ignore the whining altogether. Sigh. Too bad I live in Utah.

umakegoodcookies said...

Did you try the new Smarties chocolate bars when you were here? They also have Smarties ice cream... :)

I feel for your terrible 2's!!


Aimee said...

Smiling real big about the "cuddles".

Lovella said...

in the middle of the afternoon no less.. . what will they think of next?
I heard a really good speaker on Focus on the Family recently . .wait I'll go check ..
yes. .here he is. .

Kevin Lehman and he had the funniest stories about making children mind and I wondered where he was when we had little boys. . that didn't want to mind. ..

Enjoy those. . smarties.

Shannon said...

I wish I had a fresh supply of smarties. jelous of your canadian stash over there.

hope your date was delightful.

I have toddler advice but I'm sure you get it from everywhere. I'm in the middle of the terrible twos and I'm not following my own advice so that cancels out my qualifications.

Charlene said...
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Unkempt Mommy said...

Scout and Tristan are in cahoots, I tells ya! She's only 17 months, but she's showing definite signs of the terrible twos as well. It's only been about a month since her tantrums started and I'm already so sick of them. I try to leave the room when she's throwing a fit and tell her that I'll come back when she has calmed down. But it doesn't work so much. She just pauses her tantrum, gets up and follows me, then throws herself back down on the floor and resumes the tantrum where ever I am standing. I get exhausted just watching her! When you figure out what works, please let me know! LOL :)

Janet said...

Kolby had the terrible 2's, and even more terrible 3's and.... he has been 4 for 6 days and he just might be getting over the terrible part, hehehehe, or it's my wishful thinking.

Isn't Parenting so much FUN! I LOVE IT!

btk said...

Ahhh... I forgot to warn you that somebody lied when they nicknamed it "terrible 2's". More like "terrible 18 months and well into the 3's!!" Mercy is slowly starting to come out of it now but it's been a rough ride!! And now, with Koby, we're a few short months from seeing those "terrible twos" all over again. Joy! I love naptime ;)

lil said...

Do I DARE post this in here? But, whatever happened to spanking? Why can a child control the parents instead of the other way around? "Train up a child in the way he should go" does sound like the parents are in control, doesn't it?
I don't mean spanking for any little thing, either, but explicit disobedience and rebellion.
That's the way we raised our children, and they are not scarred for life, but this policy made raising our 5 kids a joy!

heidi said...

just wanted to reply to the last comment from my aunt lil: oh yes, we fully believe in spanking and that is the method of discipline that we're using with tristan. (his bum is currently padded with diaper, though so we slap the back of his hand instead of his bum) we only use it when he is deliberately disobeying (which is most of the time!) but we are finding that even though he knows what the punishment will be, he often still chooses to disobey. we've heard that consistancy is the key, so we're sticking with it for now. perhaps when he's older we may discover a more effective form of discipline for his personality, but for now spanking is the simplest way for us.