Thursday, October 09, 2008

a long four days

i haven't blogged lately because josh has been working up in fresno for the past 4 days and i'm not the type of girl who likes to advertise that i'm home alone on the world wide web, but i really haven't been able to think of anything to write about other than things that make it obvious he is away. but HOORAY!!! he is coming home this afternoon! someone at our church offered him this temporary job, which is SUCH an answer to prayer and he has been working very hard, despite the rumor going around that he is on vacation!

since josh left on monday, i've been sort of messed up. well, monday i was really really messed up, crying every time tristan cried for his daddy and thinking "i can't do this!" over and over. yes people, i am a big baby. i don't know how military wives do it, but i'm sure not cut out to be one. by tuesday i felt much better until i locked myself and tristan out of our house. i had to get the neighbor to come over and help me break the gate open, then drain and move our great big swamp cooler so that i could climb through the kitchen window. it was quite humiliating. the first place i went after that was to the hardware store to get 2 more house keys cut.

i'm so spoiled and used to my husband coming home from work usually before 4pm. so while he's gone, the days have been streeeeetttcccchhhing out before me. we've visited our local park nearly every day, wandered around kmart twice looking (and playing with, shhhh!) the toys, stopped at the donut shop where tristan is entitled to one free donut hole, colored many pictures, built many towers, and unfortunately, watched many dvd's. the last 2 nights we've been invited to josh's folks house for dinner, which is really great because tristan loves picking strawberries and checking for eggs. its also great because the first night we ate alone, tristan refused to take one single bite, or even hold my hand to pray. all he could do was point to josh's chair and wail "daaaa deeee" over and over. we ended up eating in front of the tv that evening. he loves it over at gran's and grandpa's and he never wants to leave. take a look at all the strawberries we picked yesterday!

well, that's not ALL of them, since many of them were in tristan's tummy by that time. can you believe we're getting strawberries like this in OCTOBER??! i've lived here for over 4 years now, but some things still strike me as strange.

while at the bank today, i noticed tristan eyeing the teller's halloween bowl of candy. i looked through the selection and decided that the smarties (known as rockets in canada) would be the easiest for him to eat and the least messy. now, i have to say that tristan rarely gets candy or sugar. i only just started giving him a sippy of half 100% juice, half water each day and thats a treat for him! so the look on his face when he bit into his first halloween candy was priceless. he polished off the whole little roll of candies on the way home in the car, then soon began to nod off. he was awake at 4:30 this morning, so i knew this would probably happen and i had a whole stash of goodies up front to keep passing back to him just to keep him awake. you see, if tristan naps even for only 10 minutes in the car, somehow that nap deletes any further nap that he usually takes during the day. so books and toys and goldfish crackers were tossed into his lap, helping to keep his eyes open the whole way home. once we arrived home 20 minutes later, his eyelids looked as if they had weights attatched to them, they were so droopy. i quickly fed him some scrambled eggs with cheese for lunch, then prompty undressed him and brought him into his room for his nap. suddenly, the sugar from the candy worked its magic. one moment he was a lethargic, sleepy little boy, and the next moment he was like a pinball on the loose. i had a hard time getting him into his little wearable blanket and felt as if i was wrestling him into his crib. i breathed a sigh of relief as i closed the door, and ignored his calls of "maaaaa" (sounding very lamb like) and "daaaa deeee" half an hour later his calls had turned into sobs, so i went in to soothe him and tell him he had to go to sleep. it took another 30 minuts before i no longer heard cries and whimpers from his bedroom. his sudden hyperness could have been the result of simply being overtired, but i choose to blame that stupid halloween candy.


Charlene said...

Heidi, so glad your man got some work. God is Good!!!
Yes, I don't know how army wives do it either. I so look forward to Ken coming home, Joshua does too.

Shannon said...

I understand. Donnie was gone for three weeks and I almost went insane. He left again and will be back tonight... then leaves again next week. I HATE it.

it isn't that things are more work when they are gone but more proving the saying of "the one whom my heart finds rest". Without my husband, my heart is just overwhelmed.

It's always nice when they come home though. :)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I guess now you know why moms teach their kids to say "Trick or Treat" when they go out to get Halloween candy. Truth in advertising.

It isn't easy being a wife of a construction worker. I remember when the kids were little and Bernie would take a job out of town to make money...gone two days, then three...four...

San Diego is a VERY expensive place to live and construction work is hard to find steadily. I was so thankful Bernie was willing to go to school to get two certifications that allowed him to leave construction behind when the kids were reaching their teen years. It was hard having him go to school at night for four years, but the pay off was huge in the end. And I am so glad he did it when the kids were babies...again, tough at the time, but he was home when the kids started sports and such.

Houston has a big demand for electricians and there is LOTS of work for electricians here in SLC. I know Josh doesn't want to leave the I'm just sayin' is all. I know you both will always be listening to God's guidence.

Z-Mama said...

I'm glad for you that Josh is now home :O)

That stupid candy! I personally would have skipped lunch and caught up on eating after nap time if one of my girls were acting that tired. But surely overall it was the candy!

It was fun having coffee with you and Tristan on Wednesday!