Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i've already posted my status on facebook as "heidi is eating sugar cookies and wrapping presents" but so far that is a lie. i got caught up in the net of bloglines while posting a new video to tristan's blog and then somehow became ever so slightly inspired to write a new post of my own.

the snow level has dropped significantly over the past few days and, though i doubt we'll see snow here, it is CHILLY outside. and inside, due to the fact that our central heating costs a fortune to run. we have a little space heater that we bring upstairs and then back downstairs depending on where we're planning on spending most of our time. this chilliness is a good thing because i'm hoping it will help us climatize a little less dramatically to the bona-fide chilliness of the great (and hopefully white) north that we'll be visiting in a few days. snow is predicted for the day we land, so prayers that it won't be too blizzardy for the plane we'll be in would be appreciated.

last night was josh's company christmas dinner at a local restaurant. the last time tristan had someone either than one of us attempt to put him to sleep was a year ago at josh's last company christmas dinner. (i am slightly ashamed to admit that.) that evening, we arrived home late to find a happy little boy snuggling with his gran on the couch downstairs. anyhow, josh's mom (known around our house as gran) is well loved by our little boy, however, she seems to be more well loved by him when we're around, if you know what i mean. before we left, i showed gran the order of things in his bedtime routine just in case she wanted to attempt putting him to bed. she assured me she wanted to give it a try, but i still completely expected him to be wide awake with her on the couch watching "woody" (also known as toy story) when we got home. i was totally fine with him staying up past his bedtime....i'd rather have him up and happy than in his crib screaming his head off. as we were leaving, heart-wrenching sobs escaped tristan's mouth and i could hear him walking up to the front door after we had closed it, crying his little eyes out. i knew he'd get over it and josh and i both had a very enjoyable evening out. when we arrived home, i opened the front door and peeked around the corner into the living room, nearly saying "hi buddy!" when i noticed that tristan was no where to be seen. gran had a sly smile on her face and proudly announced "i'm GOOD!" apparently, he had stopped crying within 30 seconds of our leaving and never made a fuss afterwards, even when she put him into bed. this is the beginning of a new era!.....well, an era that will last about 6 more months anyhow! it may be possible to spend a night away for our 5th anniversary after all :)

tristan's 2nd birthday is just over 2 weeks away. he has never been much of a talker of "real" words, though he babbles constantly. i haven't been terribly concerned about this, knowing that boys especially can be slower in the speech department. well, the past few weeks it seems that he's learning a new word every day and its so much fun! he loves our "tee" with the lights that go "off" and the "mummydaddybaby" in all of the nativity scenes. he proudly carries his used diapers to the "tashhhh" and when he's got his "choo" (thomas) shoes on he's ready to "go! go!" into the car that says "beep". he can be a little bit gassy at times and always makes sure to let us know that he is responsible by pointing to his behind and saying "toot!" with a big smile on his face. the other day, he "tooted" while in the bathtub which, as you know, makes lots of bubbles. his eyes got really big and he said "toot!" then smiled and pointed to me and said "mommy!" he was totally trying to pin it on me. i told him i didn't toot, so he pointed to josh and said "daddy!" hmmm...not sure where he gets that sense of humor from...

he's also been answering "no" to pretty much any question we ask him. he adores the little california clementine oranges (similar to the mandarin oranges we'd get at christmas in canada) and if we ask him in the middle of stuffing his face, "tristan, is that orange good?" he'll immediately reply "oh" which means no and he'll shake his head. i caught a bit of that on the newest video i just posted on his blog. i'm sad thinking about taking down our tree and all of the ornaments because i don't think he'll understand that christmas is over. i think he'll expect us to keep that dorky looking little tree forever and i can already see the look of disappointment on his face when we'll go into kmart only to find all of the blow-up snowmen and santas and reindeer and decorated trees all gone. however, i'm hopeful that this season will leave some lasting impressions on him that he can take with him into his next year of life. as i was reading to him from a Bible story book about the birth of Jesus, he pointed to the babe in the manger and said his new word of the day: "jeeeez". i'm thankful that Jesus is not merely a decoration that gets packed away for 11 months out of the year. He is the one thing out of this whole season that is for now and for eternity and i love that my son is going to be learning that.


Jennifer said...

So cute are these times you are having with Tristan. Imortalized forever on video no less.

running wildly said...

Might you post a picture of the lovely tree before you take it all down? I've been dying to see it.

Cherie said...

sorry to say sis... but thurs is expected -19 here!!! eeeeek

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anything can prepare you for this cold. It is super cold for us, and I've never know it to be this cold. The wind has died down, hopefully it will stay that way. It was driving us all nuts!

Thanks again for your Tristan stories - I always love to hear them!

Christy :)

Anneliese said...

Love checking in on you now and again. I just wanted to tell you that I tagged you to post a picture. How are you supposed to know unless I tell you, right?
Merry Christmas!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

And the Academy Award for the best toddler actor dramatically sobbing as he says good bye to Mommy and Daddy goes to....Tristian S.!!!!

Also awarded to Tristian: Honorable mention for Best Bedtime Dramatics created to stir up Mom and Dad, yet doesn't manage to fool Gran.

My own daughter had that award sewed up, and the award has now been retired as no child could ever possibly top her screaming bedtime scenes.

Ish...and only her daddy's Mom could get her to sack out easy too!

Grans have magic I swear.