Wednesday, December 03, 2008

a couple of cutes

oh wow, your comments from my last post were REALLY nice! i was totally thinking twice about posting that picture because, to me, it looks as if my face is about 15 months pregnant and when i compare it to my 12 week picture from my last pregnancy, well.....i feel sad inside. your comments truly helped make my day, so THANK YOU!!

i've got the makings for a blog post rolling around in my brain, but i'll save it for later and share a couple of cute tristan-stories instead.

while shopping with tristan and my mil on black friday, i noticed a penny on the floor near the checkout. i pointed it out to tristan and he picked it up and put it in his pocket, just as we've taught him (i've found all sorts of things at the bottom of my washing machine lately). half a day later, we're in the car with josh, going to another store to find some more deals. josh quickly ran into the bank to deposit a couple of checks. tristan was concerned when he left and in a panicked voice asked me "daddy?, daddy?" i explained to him that daddy was going into the bank to get some money out. (he wasn't actually taking money out, but i figured tristan would understand it if i put it that way) tristan was quiet for a moment and then i heard him squirming around in his car seat. i turned around to find him digging around in his pocket, for the penny he had found, which he then presented to me with an open palm and a proud smile, "daddy!!!" it was so darling i had to thank him profusely for offering his very own money to daddy, but i told him that it was tristan's money and that he could keep it. he reluctantly put it back in his pocket.

yesterday tristan was climbing up onto the couch next to me to watch "polar express" and one of his flailing legs caught the side of a glass of water which spilled all over the couch and the floor. of course he didn't do it on purpose, so i wasn't angry at him, but i kept saying "oh no!" while i was on my hands and knees mopping at the carpet with a towel. i felt two small hands on my back just then, rubbing back and forth while saying "awww", just like i do for him when he falls and hurts himself. it was so sweet that i didn't want to move, i just wanted to stay there and savor my son's innocent compassion. but of course i just had to look into his earnest little face and flash him the biggest smile (with tears in my eyes, i admit) and say "thank you, tristan!" that was enough for him to realize that i was going to be okay, so he ceased rubbing my back and proceeded to try to climb atop it as if i were a horsey.

the same, normally chipper little boy is now having a troubled nap...i can hear him coughing all the time, despite a dose of cough medicine and a humidifier in his room. he had a pretty rough night last night as well and i'm just trying to keep getting him to drink and eat, though he wants to do neither. i hate it when he's sick, but i am thankful that he's going through it now and not in 2 1/2 weeks time which is when we'll be in canada! can hardly wait :)


Naomi said...

I love it as little tikes become little people. What CUTE stories!!!

Grandma J. said...

Adorable, so so cute too. So glad you are enjoying him so much. Treasure each precious moment.

Miranda said...

what a sweetie! :)

Lovella said...

He has his mommy's soft heart. .such a darling little boy. . .oh and how wonderful for you to be here for Christmas. . .I am absolutely thrilled for you.
You look just lovely. .

Charlene said...

Very sweet Heidi:) love the stories!

by the way, Joshua always tries to climb on my back too when i'm down on all fours cleaning:)