Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Part II -The Rest of the Story

well, there isn't much more to tell about our christmas trip except that it was fantastic! we got 2 feet of snow within 3 days and were pretty much snowed in on christmas day (not that we had anywhere to go).

every single member of the family slept under the same roof on christmas eve, which meant there wasn't a room in the house that wasn't occupied. my mom made a fabulous spread for christmas eve, as well as a turkey dinner with all the trimmings on christmas day. we played games, watched movies, went tobogganing, celebrated tristan's birthday on boxing day (we went to white spot for dinner where he got his first ever pirate ship meal!) and just enjoyed being together.

having had such a close call with not being able to make it there made me realize just how much the small stuff doesn't matter. so what if tristan didn't really get used to sleeping in a new place till the end of our trip, waking up around 5 times nearly every what if josh and tristan both came down with what if tristan's 5:30am mornings threatened to wake up the rest of the household, leaving us prisoners to the basement for hours...none of this seemed really significant to me because we had made it!! all that really mattered to me was that my family was all together for the first christmas in 5 years. and the memories i have treasured away in my mind are all happy ones.

my "little" brother james on christmas morning

my "big" brother andy with his wife cara and their precious daughter sarah

my happy parents

andy, cara and sarah tobogganing!

my dad went out on christmas day to measure the snow. it was just under 2 feet at this point and it snowed all day the next day as well.

my dear husband was eager to try his hand at shovelling snow. he did a great job, despite being a first timer :)

my beautiful sister and her boyfriend ben

the two cousins, taking in the magic of snow falling at christmas time


Alvin & Denise Engler said...

Being snowed in is kinda nice when you have nowhere to go. Glad you were able to make it for your Canadian Christmas. One can see the warmth of your family dynamic in the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Jenn & Wade said...

It looks like a wonderful time, so glad you all got to be together for the holidays, it is such a great feeling and time of making memories! And how fun to get so much snow and get to play in it!

monk spatula said...

So glad you made it home for Christmas, Heidi. You dad looks so happy in the pic you posted of him and your mom. It must have been wonderful to have you guys all together again.
for Monk Spatula (apparently I have a new husband)

monk spatula said...
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monk spatula said...

Hi Heidi,

These are such great pictures, they tell a wonderful story. It's nice to see James again.


Dena said...

if your mama is anything like my mama, i'm sure she was in absolute heaven having all her babies under one roof on Christmas morning. just love it that you had such a great and special trip. yeah! love the pic of the two 'bums' watching the snow. too cute.