Friday, January 16, 2009

sneaky thief

we seem to have a butter thief on our hands. i analyzed the fingerprints in true csi fashion and came to the conclusion that, as tiny as they are, only one person in our household could have committed this crime. what is up with kids and butter? he must have got it from me, since i can remember being young and dipping my finger into the butter dish for a taste every now and then. yuck!

tristan's vocabulary is finally starting to take off. i feel like i've written that before, but now he is learning new words every day and actually using them. he's been repeating what we say a lot, which is really helping him as well. he still talks in his own language for the most part, but will throw in a real word at the end so that we know what he is referring to. its quite cute.

baby bump is growing rapidly. i will be 20 weeks pregnant on monday, so i'll do my best to get another picture taken to post. a week from today we get our ultrasound and will hopefully find out the baby's gender. i feel like its taking FOREVER for some reason! i think that everyone (with the exception of my father in law) has been telling me that they think it will be a girl. though, in many of my dreams it is a girl, i'm choosing to stay completely unbiased either way this time. as thrilling as it would be to get to do the "girl" thing, i really think that tristan would have such a blast with a little brother. plus we'd save a ton of money by having everything we already need for a little boy!

i've been blessed with lots of cute hand-me-down maternity clothes. so many, in fact, that i am able to bless a few other pregnant mommies with what i cannot use. (my newly pregnant sister in law included...yipee!!) i can feel the baby move a lot more now, and its changed from flutters to actual bumps every now and then that i can feel even if i'm not concentrating on it. i love this stage in my pregnancy so much! i'm not a bloated whale yet, and i'm past feeling ill all the time. my energy level is definitely a lot lower than it was pre-pregnancy and i'm finding that i have a harder time waking up in the morning than i used to. but other than that, i truly feel great.

the week following my ultrasound i will be celebrating my 29th birthday. what better way to celebrate than by going to disneyland the next day??!! yes, we are taking tristan to disneyland for his first time ever, along with josh's parents, plus sis and rob and their kids. i am getting REALLY excited. i never thought we'd go when tristan was this young, but since we don't have any vacations planned for this year, and with the baby coming in 5 months time, we thought now would be a great time to go. we found a great deal on tickets and are paying next to nothing for a motel for one night, so we'll get to enjoy disneyland on one day and california adventure the next day. tristan is STILL obsessed with toy story, which he watches every single morning (usually around 5:30am while i'm trying to catch a few more zzz's on the couch in between tristan's exclamations of "WOOO-EEE!" and "BUZZZZZ!") so when i went online to see which rides tristan could actually go on, i was thrilled to see that disneyland has a buzz lightyear ride and california adventure has a toy story ride. he will be in awe, and i can't wait just to see his reaction to everything!

josh and i have begun the very long process of clearing out our "guest room" which will be home to only 2 more sets of guests before it becomes the baby's room. my friend christy is coming to visit next month and then my parents are taking their annual spring break drive down in march. we are finding all sorts of things to get rid of in the closet and, since josh's work has been slow lately (well, slow is sort of an understatement) i've taken it upon myself to try to gain a bit of fast cash by selling a few things on craigslist. its really easy and sort of addicting. i have some free zoo and wild animal park tickets that expire the end of this month that i'm trying to get $10 each for. i've had a TON of responses to those, but when people find out that they have to drive "all the way" to our podunk little town to get them, they change their mind. sort of frustrating. but i'm still holding out hope. we are also planning on doing our first ever garage sale here the first week of february. should be interesting.

we have so much to be thankful for, its mind boggling, yet when financial stresses arise it is so easy to lose sight of all that we do have. going through tough times like this remind me to hold onto the temporary things loosely and to hold tightly to the eternal. with the handful things in my life that are eternal, it shouldn't be hard to hang on tight during this ride of faith. thankfully, the same One who created the universe and calmed the seas is the driver of this ride and i have willingly placed my life into His hands. there is such a peace and a comfort in knowing that.


Aimee said...

thanks for your closing thoughts on God's care, peace and faith in uncertain financial times. Also about holding temporary things loosely. We are needing to learn this too.

I also love how we share a sister - when I read your sister-in-law is pregnant I smiled, realizing that she's my sister! we're excited too.

Grandma J. said...

Cute picture of the butter! Praying for growing faith and trust for you, in Him. XO

Heather said...

All of the things happening in this stage of your pregnancy are the things that I loved the most about being pregnant. I loved feeling Easton move inside my tummy. I miss that time.

I sold some things on craigslist and its funny how people see Ramona still call or state their interest and then either want you to meet them half way or they figure out how far it is and say no. But I had a lot of responses to my bassinet. I found out later that the reason for that was that I priced it too low. Oh well, it's gone and I am no longer a craigslist virgin.

Shannon said...

something like tickets you could always mail. they paypal you the money and you mail them. :)

I'm so glad to see that you are feeling great for the most part and anxiously waiting to find out if the bump is pink or blue. Baby clothes always have a way of showing up when you need them and a lot of your boy stuff can still be very cutely worn by a girl. I did that a lot with Brianna so I could enjoy some of my blue stuff still and just put a matching bow with it or a pink coat. :)

Sorry to hear of financial woes. I know them well and I do know that we are always provided for. How lucky we are to live in a nation where being broke usually just means being very careful. We are able to have what we need and still a little of what we want. I remind myself of that often.

Lovella said...

It was good to have a catch up on how you are doing, and to see what Tristan is up to. He sounds like a bundle of fun. I am also so happy for you to have a little get away and then also to have your parents come to visit. . .hooray.

Shannon said...

ultrasound tomorrow?????