Monday, November 23, 2009

things that make me smile

1. figuring out that samuel's afternoon nap will be MUCH longer if i don't drink my morning cup of coffee. decaf isn't really the same, but it sure helps when my favorite holiday coffee creamers are on sale at the grocery store. (and i actually have my dad to thank for telling me that the coffee may be affecting his sleep!)

2. when i told josh that i wanted to go cut down our christmas tree next sunday, he didn't say "no" outright. he did make a bit of a fuss that it won't even be december by then, but i have a feeling that it won't take much to convince him that its a good idea.

3. my little brother will be coming home from africa in just one week! (now, by home, i mean my old home in canada, not my new home.) he has been doing missions work with YWAM for the past 9 months or so and he is thrilled to be flying home in time for christmas. of course, the fact that he has a very sweet girl waiting for him will make the homecoming ever so much sweeter. :)

4. the nights have been cold enough to warrant an extra quilt plus socks and warm jammies. the days are starting to get cooler as well, which i LOVE. i'll never forget the year that i bought a brand new christmas wreath to hang on our door only to discover a few days later that the heat had caused the pretty red berries to melt all over the greenery.

5. our friends trish & jim have finally (after a decade of waiting) received a baby! i got to meet little thomas at church yesterday and he is so adorable. you can read a bit about their story here.

6. i am 99.9% finished my christmas shopping. all i have to do is pick up a couple of stocking stuffers for josh and i am SO DONE!

7. my husband actually consented to sit down and watch "little women" with me last night! of course, the foot and back massage that he received while watching said movie may have helped sway him, but i was so happy because i'm not the kind of person who enjoys watching shows by myself, especially movies. i just finished the book, "march" by geraldine brooks, which is a novel based on the character of the father from the march family, and i've wanted to watch "little women" since then, partly because of the book that i just read, but mostly because its sort of a christmasy movie and one that i have always loved.

8. i've got a delicious meatball stew simmering away in the crock pot, one little boy napping, and the other one talking to his trains. (he just asked me the name of one of the trains, and when i answered correctly that his name is donald, he said "good boy, mommy!") thanksgiving is only a few days away and i've so much to be thankful for this year. God is good.


dj kosmotronix said...

It sounds like it's already Christmas in your family with so much to be thankful for, from delicious coffee creamers to a husband who will watch "Little Women".


kelly ens said...

love the list - #1 is my favorite :)

kelly ens said...
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Jacelyn said...

We made #3 on your list of things that make you smile?! That makes me smile too, thanks Heidi, you are so sweet!

Grandma J. said...

Count your blessings, name
them one by one, la la la. Thanks for the encouraging cheerful, make me smile, start to my day! XO