Sunday, November 29, 2009


we were planning on picking and tagging our christmas tree this afternoon (which josh called a compromise to me wanting to bring one home today). instead josh and tristan are waiting to be seen at urgent care...our second visit there and fourth doctor's visit within a week and a half. tristan has been on 3 antibiotics for his ear infection and nothing seems to be working. there's lots of detail i could write down, but that would be too emotionally draining for me right now. suffice it to say that he is still in an incredible amount of pain, which we are doing our best to keep at bay by rotating tylenol and motrin every 3 hours around the clock. josh and i are both very tired.

samuel seems to be going through another growth spurt, wanting to eat much more frequently than his usual 4 hour routine. i opened a jar of apples this afternoon hoping that some more solids would help his hunger. he really enjoyed them until he started gagging and then pooped himself awake 20 minutes into his nap. so i've got a grumpy little boy on my lap and am waiting to hear what the doctor has to say about my sick little boy. this has not been our ideal 4 day weekend that we were so looking forward to. praying for answers...


dj kosmotronix said...

Hello Little Family,

So sorry to hear of the troubles, I wish we could be there to help. We are with you in spirit.


Neha said...

Really sorry to hear this....praying that the boys recover real soon. God bless!