Tuesday, November 10, 2009

wings part II.....and a hat

last night while tristan was taking a bath, i was putting clothes away in our closet and came across a little woody doll. i had picked it up in the 15c bin at the thrift store with the intention of giving it to tristan on one of his waking-up-before-the-sun-comes-pop mornings. since he has been sleeping really, really well lately (please don't let me just have jinxed it!) i thought i'd toss woody into the bathtub as a fun little surprise for tristan. well, from tristan's perspective, this was no cheap little gumby toy. this was "pritty coool" as he told me later. woody's arms and legs are bendable, and soon tristan discovered that woody can sit pretty well on the back of the zebra he aquired a few days ago from the wild animal park. there was only one thing missing: woody's hat. this particular woody obviously didn't come with his trademark cowboy hat, but tristan couldn't seem to understand this. he kept asking about woody's hat (sound familiar?) not at all distressed about it, but definitely a bit concerned.

last night woody "slept" next to his zebra on tristan's dresser. and at 6:45am tristan came into my room with pillow creases pressed into his rosy little cheeks, woody in one hand and the zebra in the other. it was like christmas morning. he was running around the room, telling me it was time to wake up and then, when he'd get a little too loud, he'd say "shhhh! baby sam SWEEPING!" he wanted me to "come DOWM stairs" so that we could look in the toybox for woody's hat. oh dear.

after pouring myself a cup of delicious coffee, thanks to my husband who had already left for work, we opened up the toybox and i rooted around in there until i found what i was looking for: tristan's other woody doll, another 15c thrift store find from years ago. this woody has a hat. and so we talked about how sometimes woody likes to wear his hat (just like tristan wears a hat sometimes) and how sometimes woody likes to take his hat off. and then i saw a little light bulb go on in tristan's eyes and he said "buzz take off his wings, put them in mommy's car CRASH? woody's hat TOO?!" the simple answer would have been to just say "yes, honey. buzz's wings are wearing woody's hat and they're flying together up to heaven to be with Jesus." but i really didn't want to add anything else to that whole can of worms.

soon, toy story was playing on the tv and tristan was holding woody up to the screen, pointing and saying, "woody, that's YOU!!" and showing woody his reflection in the bathroom mirror and sharing bites of his cereal with woody. i just love how such a small thing brings my little guy such delight and happiness.

this weekend, josh and i are going out on a much needed date night. since there are no movies playing that we're interested in seeing, we're going to go do some christmas shopping instead. i don't know what exactly we're going to get tristan, but i'm pretty sure that it will have wings (though i'm still trying to convince josh in this matter). since tristan's birthday is only one week after christmas, i'd really like to get him another gift as well. it probably won't be wearing a cowboy hat, but it just may answer to the name "bullseye".


kelly ens said...

i love the toy story theme going on in tristan's world. very cute :)

Grandma J. said...

Enjoy your date - you deserve it! XO

running wildly said...

Toy Story 1 & 2 are playing in the theater. Just a simple date suggestion. ;)