Tuesday, December 08, 2009

do not open until christmas

last saturday we went and chopped ourselves down a christmas tree. tristan was especially excited about the chopping down part....every time he'd talk about it, his little fingers would attempt to make a scissor-type gesture. we got a very nice tree that is over 6 feet tall and now it smells heavenly downstairs. unfortunately, since our living room is only slightly larger than a shoebox, we had to do a bit of re-arranging to make the tree fit. and part of that re-arranging meant that the computer had to come upstairs. no longer can i take a few minutes to read blogs here & there, or check status updates on fb or read my emails. if i want to do any of those things i have to make a long and lonely trek up the stairs into a very cold and crowded bedroom and sit on a not-so-comfortable chair. oh yes, and i also have to keep an ear out for a toddler who has been going through a strange phase of breaking things lately. it seems that every day i hear him in some other room saying "sawry, mommy!" (that's how they say "sorry" here in the states, it sounds more like sawry) and inevitably i'll find that he's either broken another christmas ornament, or missed the toilet and peed all over the floor again.

and so, i am sort of sad to say that i will probably be blogging a lot less frequently throughout the month of december. only sort of sad because i tell you, its amazing how many more minutes there are in a day when the computer isn't sitting there in plain sight, drawing you to it like a magnet. i openly admit that i spend way too much time on here, so this month of near computerlessness will be a good thing for me. hard, but good.

today, standing in line at the post office to send a parcel of gifts to canada and to receive the one from canada that arrived today, tristan pulled on my hand so that my face was right next to his, and whispered in my ear, "i want santa to bring me a big train for christmas." i laughed at the randomness of it, then told him that santa had already picked out the gift he was going to bring him, which surprisingly didn't seem to bother tristan too much. when we came home, we opened the package from grammie & grandad and set the gifts under the tree. i don't know how many times tristan asked if we could open them. i tried to explain to him that we have to wait until christmas to open the presents. it seems that neither his countdown chain nor his 2 advent calenders have actually taught him anything in regards to waiting. so those presents are sitting under the tree and poor tristan isn't allowed to touch them. am i being too cruel? i have a niggling worry in the back of my head that one of these days i'm going to come downstairs only to find shreds of wrapping paper all over the floor and a very ashamed looking little boy standing in the middle of the mess saying "sawry mommy."

and, just in case you were wondering, tristan's appointment at the specialist's went well. she said there is still a bit of fluid in his ears, which is normal, and that his infection was viral which is why it didn't respond to antibiotics. she was happy to hear that he is not in daycare because, apparently, that is one of the leading causes of ear infections. she gave me some information on how to prevent them from happening in the future and told me that the only way they would consider putting tubes in his ears is if he has at least 4 infections within 6 months. he is scheduled to have a hearing test in about 8 weeks, and if that looks good we're home free. assuming he doesn't get any more ear infections, of course. tristan told josh that Jesus was very happy because tristan's ears are all better. yes, i'm sure He is very happy, and so are we.


Jennifer said...

No, that's not cuelty. Rules are rules.

I might get dragged to this college football game thing called the rosebowl in January. There is no way I'm going all the way to Pasadena without going just a little further to see you.
We'll see.
Need anything made?
What would you like for your birthday?

Miranda said...

Hehe I was picturing Tristan with shreds of wrapping paper all over looking very guilty. I don't think he'll do it though.

We have a tradition that we open one present on Christmas Eve. Almost always, its something like pjs or slippers.

ⒿⒶⓃⓔⓉ said...

we only put out gifts that are for other people. christmas eve after the kids go to bed is when we put all our gifts out. i am pretty sure my kids would try and peek at their gifts lol.

dj kosmotronix said...

No, it's not cruelty.....it's called Advent. This is when we get to learn that waiting for Jesus with intense longing is part of our life because we love Him. Waiting for those gifts isn't part of waiting for Jesus, but it helps give that abstract idea a tangible flavour. He can wait - and he will be satisfied.

Great news from the specialist! I just hope he gets to feeling 100% soon.


Lovella ♥ said...

oh I do wish you a wonderful remainder of the advent. I know it's hard on the little ones. I went shopping with grandgirlie on Monday. When we got home I let her play with one of her gifts for awhile. .and when she wasn't looking I put it away. A two year old is still a little naive about such things. She really wanted to play with the lil farm hands puzzle. .I didn't let her. I said. .that is T's Christmas. . I kept calling it Christmas. . her face crumpled a little ..but we didn't have too large a problem ..nothing a little sweet couldn't fix. . oh it's a wonderful life being a grammie.

Wv is undeepor ..shoot ..wish it would have been undeetree. . so close.

LFlores said...

I know I say "sorry" the correct way...you Canadians say it weird, something like "sore-ee!"


Good news from the ENT!

LFlores said...

Oops, that was from Zandra...I didn't realize I was logged in under my SIL!

kelly ens said...

agreed - it's not cruelty :) but hopefully your suspected scenario doesn't play out and he can unwrap them all for the first time when he's supposed to.

i hear you on the whole computer drawing you in thing...*sigh*

Anneliese said...

I just wnat you to know that I enjoy coming here . . . and get distracted. It would be good if my computer was moved upstairs too. Then at least I might get some more execise.

Neha said...

So glad that Tristan is doing better...and am sure he's having a tough time doing all the waiting for the gifts....btw, Santa can still bring him a train....can't he :)))

Neha said...

And Yes...have a great fun-filled Christmas week!

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