Thursday, April 29, 2010

almost famous

after a lovely bit of a sleep-in, thanks to my mom for entertaining my oldest from 6:00am onwards, i said "good morning" to everyone upstairs and then quickly ducked into the computer room to take a look at one of my Most Favorite Blogs. sure enough, just as promised, a picture was posted which included myself, my BFF (also known as running wildly) and the lovely author of the previously mentioned blog, lovella herself. most of the blogs i visit tend to have a lot in common with my blog. they are most often authored by women who are either the same age as me, or at the same stage in life as me. lovella's blog, on the other hand, is written from a grammie's perspective. her oldest son and i went to school together for quite a lot of years, but it is amazing how much we have in common simply because we both blog. not only does lovella write a personal blog, but she is also the founder of the very popular blog mennonite girls can cook. goodness sakes, she was recently featured in vancouver's main newspaper the provence in an interview about her blog and how her paska recipe has become so famous.

and if being featured on lovella's blog wasn't enough to make me feel a little bit famous, i was thrilled to discover that a picture of me was also posted on the blog for weddings in motion. okay, so upon first glance the posted picture looks merely like a gorgeous bridal couple, no heidi in sight. but, if you take a closer look, you will be able to see that the gorgeous couple is in fact my dear little sister and my new brother in law, and that there is a bit of intentional blurriness all around them. the blurriness behind them is wearing a close toed shoe and i happen to know that i was the only bridesmaid that was wearing that exact shoe. the reason i don't appear even blurrier, which i assume i was supposed to, is because i can't run. all the rest of the bridal party gracefully sprinted past ben and cherie at full speed while the photographer snapped away. i, however, did my wounded antelope imitation, galloping along very ungracefully and giggling at myself the entire time. still, it made for quite a fun little photo, if i do say so myself. ;)


Lovella ♥ said...

Who feels famous for being on who's blog. . It is you dear girl that inspired so many of us to try our hand at writing so beautifully of our common things we do each day.
Oh ..I'd do it again in a heartbeat. .meeting all you young things . .next time I'll host.
Off to see those wedding photos I've been dying to see.

Beck's Bulletin said...

How fun!! And you are indeed very was so much fun to see you in church on Sunday, you and your boys!