Saturday, May 08, 2010

the wedding

(these gorgeous photos were all taken by Weddings In Motion)

the day of my sister's wedding dawned grey and rainy, but nobody really seemed to mind. my dress had been altered within an inch of its life and once i had donned it and left my sleeping baby in the care of my wonderful friend christy, my mom and i set out to get ready with cherie and the rest of the bridal party.

though cherie and i share the unfortunate trait of becoming easily frazzled, i could tell that she had set any minor malfunctions aside and was going to thoroughly enjoy her day. i had a wonderful view from my seat in the bathroom where my hair was being curled and bobby pinned, of my sister getting into her dress and having it all laced up in the back while she beamed into the mirror. she looked absolutely breathtaking. (and, in ben's case, tear inducing.)

the ceremony went off without a hitch in spite of the 3 children that had a part in it. tristan solemnly held the flower girl's hand as he pulled his cousin jacob down the aisle in a little red wagon. i don't know if cherie or ben realized that there was anyone else in that church apart from one other.

after the ceremony, we were off for hours of photo taking. though it rained off and on throughout the day, it seemed that every time we stepped from the vehicles, the rain would cease and the sun even peeked out at us a couple of times.

even without getting wet, it was still quite cold out, so we took a quick coffee break at a starbucks shop for awhile before getting some final shots.

i thought i would feel like an old hen amongst all the other young girls, but i had a lot of fun with them and learned quite a few things about my sister that i never knew before. (i had no idea that she has a specific, rather disgusting way of eating chocolate bars. how could i not have known that?!)

the reception timing was a bit tricky for me, since it began half an hour before samuel's bedtime. thankfully, i was able to eat quickly, take my baby home to nurse him before putting him to bed, then leave him again in the care of christy (heavens knows what i would have done without her!) while rushing back to the reception before it was time for the toasts.

i was nervous to give my speech, so i asked to go first to get it over with. everybody laughed at the appropriate times and i don't think i embarrassed my sister too much. once that part was done, i felt like i could just sit back and enjoy myself for the rest of the evening.

though i would have loved to stay for the dancing, we had an very tired little boy who was almost falling asleep while sitting on his chair. when i asked him if he wanted to go to bed, he nodded, so i knew it was definitely time to take him home. i think he fell asleep in his car seat even before we had backed out of the parking lot!
it was a beautiful day and i couldn't be happier with the man God chose for my sister. i know that they will spend a lifetime together serving God and loving others.


kelly ens said...

sounds like it was a wonderful day, and the pictures are gorgeous!

Danna said...

What a beautiful post with pictures too! Cherie looked so beautiful and grown up (since the last time I saw her)

Jessica said...

Such beautiful pictures! And I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Family Of Five said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

So lovely!

I have to laugh a bit: when my son got married, the photographer's first twenty pictures were of Rachel's shoes posed in various ways. When I went to see the pictures on line, I kept wondering if there were ever going to be pictures of the bride! Wonder how long this trend will last?

Sara said...