Wednesday, September 08, 2010

a night away

last weekend was THE weekend where josh and i got to escape over night. by the time we had everyone in the car on the way to plunk the boys off at sis and rob's house, i was seriously wondering whether it was going to be worth all of the preparation just to be alone for one night. that baby, sheesh. even though he's not so much of a baby anymore, he still requires a ton of gear. like a pack n play, a baby gate for the stairs, a booster seat for the table amongst a bazillion other smaller things like sippy cups and amoxicillin and diapers and you know. just a lot of stuff. of course i forgot the baby monitor at home and had a smallish sized heart attack when i realized it, but i got over it when sis informed me that they'd have samuel sleep in their room anyhow so they wouldn't need one.

i got dressed up for the wedding at sis and rob's house, kissed the kids goodbye and hurried the heck out of there. once we were heading north on the 15, i was super relaxed and not worried about the kids one bit, probably because i had done enough worrying ahead of time to cover for that day. i was the Map Girl and josh was the driver and we were both happy. the first picture was taken to chronicle my happiness and this second picture was taken to chronicle josh's happiness and the sudden appearance of my double chin. seriously, its all in the the angle of your jaw, people. i'm only posting that second picture because i think my husband looks impossibly hot, otherwise into the virtual recycle bin it would go.

we saw 2 cars on fire during our mini road trip which was interesting. we also saw lots and lots of this:

which is just what we have a ton of around here. brown hills. lovely.

once we needed to jet on over to the 210 i started taking my Map Girl responsibilites very seriously. i got us through several freeway changes and it looked like we were golden right up until the very last exit which we took a moment too soon and found ourselves heading straight into the dodger's stadium which is where neither of us wished to go. josh did some fancy back-tracking and we made it into pasadena and found the wedding location with plenty of time to spare.

it was gorgeous. the sun was getting lower and lower as the ceremony began, but it was still nice and warm out. we knew nobody there besides one of the groomsmen, the groom and one other guest who attended bible school with us in england. josh is not a fan of weddings. like, at all. but i love them. and look! i took a picture of my super cute super cheap shoes just so i could show you.

the flower girl and ring bearer were ADORABLE and made my heart twist for my boys just for a split second. halfway down the aisle, the little girl turned around and when she didn't see her mommy, she started wailing her eyes out. the little boy sort of looked at her with a frown on his face and attempted to hold her hand and continue down the aisle, but she wouldn't stop crying until her mom came and scooped her up. it totally made me think of how that is what often happens in marriage. the wife gets herself all riled up over something rather small, the husband doesn't get it at all, but quietly tries to take his wife's hand and help her see reason in the situation, and then the wife gets all over dramatic about it and flips out. (not that that has ever happened in my marriage or anything)

the ceremony was short and sweet and then we had cocktails and hours-dourves while the chairs for the reception were being set out. i loved the woodsy theme of the wedding and particularly liked their idea for a guest book. each guest pressed their fingertip into green ink and stamped their fingerprint onto a painting of a tree, then signed their name over their fingerprint "leaf". oh, and the dessert table! those fun little treats tasted just as good as they looked.

the dinner was delicious and became even more enjoyable for me when i got a text from sis in the middle of it telling me that samuel was "snoring like a bear." perfect. then the toasts were made and the dancing began and i got a quick snap of josh with his buddies thad and josh, who were all pretty much inseperable 8 years ago at capernwray hall before we took off with thad and headed to the hotel.

thad had to catch an early flight the next morning, but we all stayed up chatting for awhile before heading to bed (josh and i got the bed in the separate bedroom while thad was kind enough to take the pull out couch). the next thing i knew it was 7:30 in the morning, which is sleeping in for me, so i was stoked. we had planned on spending the morning in hollywood before heading home, but after indulging in a relaxing breakfast downstairs, we both decided just to head home since josh wasn't feeling so great and hadn't slept well.

we took the 5 home and i waved to disneyland as we passed and then to the ocean as drove alonside it. we ended up arriving home an hour before our children got there and josh had to keep telling me to stop pacing. the boys (of course) had a blast with their aunt and uncle and cousins. i honestly don't think that either of them missed us for even a moment and that's the way i'd hoped it would be.

we spent the rest of the day hanging out with the whole family including jim and margo, our cousins visiting from scotland. the boys got good and dirty at gran & grandpa's house and we had them home, fed, bathed and in bed by 5:30pm and ourselves in bed and snoring by 8:30pm. which is just the way i like it :)


kelly ens said...

LOVE the first picture of you two, plus your shoes are SUPER cute! Glad you had a night away - it's always worth all that effort ;)

Jessica said...

What fun to have a little adventure with your hubs! And those shoes are entirely to cute!

lil said...

That's why you haven't posted anything since the 28th!! I just checked your blog this morning, and now I know why!! I LOVE to pics of you in the car, with NO carseats!!! YAY!!
Also, your shoes were definitely cute!! What a fun way to spend part of your time with 'old' friends!! Those are fun reunions!

Amy@Sassy Scarlett said...

So glad you were able to have a great night away. The wedding looked beautiful and the 1st picture of you guys is super cute!

running wildly said...

I agree. Sweet shoes.
So excited you guys finally got to get away. Eagerly anticipating mine now, at the end of the month.

Grandma J. said...

When are you getting away next!? Start planning so you have something fun to anticipate. Maybe in December, like end of?? So glad it worked out well for you.

Sara said...

Super fun time!! It looked like such a beautiful wedding...and the desserts oh my gosh look YUMMY!!!

Jacelyn said...

So glad you guys had a good time away! Your shoes are adorable!

Julie said...

Your so beautiful Heidi! I love the pics. So glad that the boys did well when you were away. I thought of you often and wondered how your weekend away went.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Love that guest book idea, and hope Josh is feeling much better now.