Tuesday, June 21, 2011


it is now officially summer and we have been busy doing such summer things as....

celebrating daddy's 35th birthday,

watering thirsty flowers,

enjoying carrots picked fresh from our garden,

gazing at my profusely flowering nasturtiums,

donning swim trunks,

and sliding....or in this case, tumbling down the slide into the pool.

and, since tristan is such a careful day-tracker on his own little magnetic calender, he informed me today that it is the first day of summer. and since the "first day of summer" magnet has an ice cream cone on it, well, that surely meant that we must eat ice cream cones today!

and so we did.


kelly ens said...

fantastic! :)

Julie Hall said...

I like Tristans thumbs up in the carrot picture :o)

Grandma J. said...

Sounds like hot lazy days so far at your place. I think Tristan looks plainly HOT in that carrot picture. Hope these last weeks go nicely fast (but not too) for you. XXOO