Thursday, June 09, 2011

a wedding!

i, like most women, love weddings. however my dear husband, like most men, doesn't really care for them. he insists that he enjoyed his own wedding, but finds going to other people's sort of boring and awkward. he was mentioning this very fact last fall during our bible study, when a young couple in our group sort of laughed and mara told him, "well that's too bad because mike and i were going to ask you to officiate our wedding ceremony." josh sort of swallowed and smiled and told them that he'd be honored to do it.

their wedding was last sunday and it was beautiful. honestly, the grounds were breathtaking, the bride was radiant, the ambiance was perfect and the food was SO good! i think the best part, though was the company. we sat at a table surrounded entirely by friends of ours and that made the whole event so much fun.

i took various pictures, trying to capture how amazing everything looked and i thought my pictures turned out okay until i saw shayna's professional photos on facebook. then mine looked like crap. so i've decided to use her stunning photos here and there throughout this post because they're just too beautiful not to share.

josh was nervous, that goes without saying. this was the first time that he has officiated and i was so proud of him, he did so well! the ceremony was short and sweet, which i'm sure everyone appreciated, and once it was over, josh was free to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

the theme was vintage inspired and there was a schoolhouse from the 1890's on the premises which was full of fun antiques to look at. there was a wheelbarrow to stack the gifts in and a birdcage to place the cards in. branches with white lights were strung under the eaves and long crystal ornaments hung from some of the trees.

it was a wee bit nippy out, but the tent where the reception was held was nice and toasty warm. unfortunately, i had indulged a little too much on the cocktail hour's delicious spread of fruit and cheeses, so i wasn't able to finish my main course (stuffed sirloin and chicken marsala with vegetables and mashed potatoes), but josh didn't mind cleaning off my plate for me. there was a self serve coffee bar with flavored syrups and whipped cream that i visited more than once since the open bar wasn't an option for me. (7 more weeks until i can sip a nice glass of wine!)

and then there was the photo booth. instead of a guest book, mike and mara provided scrapbook pages to paste photo booth pictures into. there was a trunk full of props, like glasses and hats and feather boas and these wonderful little moustache-on-a-stick's:

josh isn't much of a dancer and i didn't feel like waddling on the dance floor with my big belly bouncing, so skipped out when the music turned up and managed to get a few photos of just the 2 of us as well.

our boys were happily asleep at their gran & grandpa's house by the time we got home and we hit the hay by 10:30, feeling like such old farts, but not really caring anyway.

thank you, mike & mara for sharing your wedding celebration with us. we loved every moment of it.


running wildly ❀ said...

Love the licking photo....and you look so serene as he's covering you with saliva. Hee hee.

Lovella ♥ said...

Beautiful photos Heidi. I had to do a double take. .thinking you had a second dress for the receptions ..then saw that it was a black and white shot in the first. You look lovely.

kelly ens said...

beautiful, indeed! :)

Jessica said...

I love going to weddings, too! This one looks like it was incredible, love ALL of the pictures ; )

Jacelyn said...

These photos are stunning! I love the look of the whole wedding, it looks so calm and elegant! Thanks for sharing these, I've been back to look at them more than once!

Amy@Sassy Scarlett said...

Great photos and I love the ones of you guys in the photo booth, you are too cute!!