Saturday, December 17, 2011

roly poly girl

the title of this post could be in reference to ava's abundance of rolls, (so many rolls and oh, are they ever delicious!) or it could be in reference to the bug of the same name which, when flipped over onto its back, looks quite funny for awhile as its legs flail about until it finally rights itself and goes on its merry way. however, the sort of roly poly i am referring to in this post is the no-big-deal typical type of rolling that most babies generally do as their first means of becoming mobile. except that for us, ava's rolling is a huge deal because neither of the boys ever rolled much, and if they did it was only by accident. ava's rolling is done very much on purpose. in fact, it seems that she believes that her only purpose in life is to roll because she does it ALL THE TIME. if ever she is put onto her back, quick as a wink she has rolled onto her tummy, much to the boys' constant delight and applause. this means that she feels the need to attempt rolling while she is nursing (which doesn't work out all that well), while having her diaper changed, and also while she is sleeping. the only problem with this new rolling business is that she doesn't really enjoy being on her tummy, but she hasn't quite figured out how to roll onto her back again, so she gets a bit stuck. if i'm in the room, i am constantly rolling her onto her back so she can again repeat her favorite skill over and over and over again. if i'm not in the room, the boys get all excited that she has rolled, and then they sort of forget about her as she grows more and more agitated, flailing her arms and legs much like the roly poly bugs do except she does it while on her tummy instead of on her back. so finally mommy comes to her rescue and flips her onto her back where she enjoys about 3 seconds of relief before, woops! there she goes back onto her tummy and begins getting frustrated all over again. (i've started to wonder if she may be showing early signs of OCD and is compulsively rolling over without really wanting to, but feeling the need to do it nonetheless.)

now, it seems that i should be feeling a sense of sadness that ava is already growing up a bit and becoming mobile, rolling off to become a dependant young woman and oh, how the past 4 months have flown! except that's not at all how i feel. i feel as if the past 4 months have been the longest 4 months of my entire life. it has felt more like 4 years since i have given birth to my daughter and i am thrilled that she is finally beginning to discover a world outside of my arms. i don't think that makes me a bad mommy; i just think that it makes me a tired mommy of 3 young children, a mommy who is ready for my baby to grow up.

(. . . . but only if she grows up just a little bit.)


kelly ens said...

Exciting!!!! i do think it's quite common for babies to go through a stage of getting frustrated when they can only roll one way - hopefully she'll learn the other way soon and be happy to roll everywhere :)
I remember with Taeya, not REALLY loving the first 6 months. it was tough and i was glad when she got a bit mobile and more independent; so i get it (a bit!)

Julie said...

Haha, OCD, funny :o) My third would roll over in her sleep and get SO MAD! I would have to get up roll her over go back to bed only to have her do it again about an hour later! I actually pinned her pj's to the sheet for awhile :o)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

My heart rejoices when I see mothers enjoying each phase of their child's life and are pleased with the ultimate goal of raising a child to be an adult...and eventually a dear friend.

The moms make such a big deal about never wanting their little one to grow up should visit with the moms whose children will never progress; then the true blessing of maturing can be seen.

So funny about the boys cheering Ava on!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I ended up at your blog from "for everything a season's" links.
I hope you don't mind me asking you this. My 16 year old daughter is being treated for depression. It has been a terrible ordeal. She was on Zoloft, increasing the dosage over several months to finally 200mg. At that point she was better, but she developed hypoglycemia as a side effect. She was switched to another drug, then to yet another and has been on them for about 5 weeks.
You said it took "weeks and weeks" before you felt better. Do you remember how long? I am trying to understand if my daughter is still on the wrong meds or if she is just responding very slowly.
Thank you,
Lynne in MD

heidi said...

dear lynne, it took about a month for me to noticably feel better. i'm thinking that your daughter may still be on the wrong meds. i will be praying for you and for her.

Jessica LaTour said...

Oh, that little diapered bum! Cute, cute, cute!