Tuesday, February 28, 2012

day 28

at 7 months old, ava is. . .

~ feeding herself cheerios, puffed wheat, lint, small toys and anything else she can get her hands on and stuff into her mouth before i notice

~ growing her first little adorable tooth

~ highly entertained by taking toys one by one out of her basket, then leaving me to clean them up

~ crawling. . . backwards

~ adoring her daddy

~ whistling (for real. and now when i whistle she loves to copy me)

~ extremely ticklish

~ self-weaning (no!!) apparently my milk is so much less appealing than cheerios. and lint. and small toys.

~ very happy! she loves to smile at anyone who shows her the least bit of attention.

~ taking baths with her brothers in the big kid bathtub

~ my little sunshine


Cherie said...

Oh my word. All I can say is Precious. She is growing up way too fast! I miss her chubby face:< And I miss the rest of you too!!

kelly ens said...


Grandma J. said...

Please kiss every little roll of her for me before they all disappear when she starts crawling all over. XXXOOO