Wednesday, September 12, 2012

this summer...

 ... samuel fell in love with a wheelbarrow,
 ava grew extremely attached to her 3 MEGoriginal blankies,
 and daddy learned how to wrestle with 3 children at the same time.
 chunky rolls did not diminish, but instead grew golden from the sun,
 the boys frequently turned into superheroes,
and ava bonded with her big cousin kaylee.
 apples were bobbed for,
 a birthday cake including a train and cowboys was painstakingly made
 for a 3 year old boy, (who loved it).
 the pool was used A LOT,
 sam became obsessed with WALL-E,
 and my parents arrived in time for my dad to show us all the eclipse with his smallest telescope.
 (see how cool?)
 my mom gave me lessons in making my first batch of strawberry jam,
 tristan found a lizard in our front yard,
 and ava practiced walking until one day, she was a pro.
 josh found a rather large frog in our backyard,
 ava experienced water balloons for the first time,
 and also developed a fondness for books (much to my delight!).
 and then ava turned 1.
 the gifts she received were so sweet and perfect (2 dolls, a cradle for them, a piggy bank, girly outfits, books and a tiny purple stuffed elephant, to name a few).
 uncle james made quite the impression on both of the boys,
 ava's curls continued to grow,
 and daddy had fun spraying all 3 kids with the hose in order to water the lawn.
 i had way too much fun digging into ava's closet daily to find things for her to wear,
 we had plenty of great times with good friends,
 and the kids grew so much closer in friendship with one another.
most of my memories from this summer are sweet and now, with fall just around the corner, i pray that the sweetness continues to outweigh the bitter.


Grandma J. said...

Thank you Heidi - for the beautiful array of pictures and the wonderful description of your very busy summer. Your family is precious and you and Josh are blessed godly parents. XO

kelly ens said...

how lovely!!!

Cherie said...

This post made me laugh the whole time! I wish I could Like all the pictures!! hehe man why do they grow up so fast!! Next summer there will be another one in the mix!!!


lil said...

That was such a LOVELY description of your summer in pictures!! Thanks!!

Neha said...

Your descriptions made the pictures come alive! Loved all of them!

Jessica LaTour said...

What a fun summer! Love all the pictures!

Natasha Kay said...

Rock candy trees!! GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Summer account. I'm glad I could be a little part of it. That was a transit of Venus. Next one's in about 105 years.

Love Dad.