Sunday, July 13, 2014

almost three

there was an interesting monologue that my daughter spewed forth a few weeks ago. i wrote the whole thing down on a little blue post-it note and just now i had to recover it from underneath the pile of books and papers and random kid drawings next to my bed. here is what the post-it says:

ava: (coming in from playing in the backyard) i saw a mommy bear and a daddy bear outside! i ate them. like chicken. i wuv camping. but the sun keeps me warm. but the sun is hot. oh! there is a baby bear in the kitchen!! (scampers into the kitchen quickly and then a few moments later) mommmmmmeeeeeey!!!! the baby bear POOPED on your kitchen floor!!

thankfully there was no poop on my kitchen floor, baby bear poop or otherwise. i have no idea where she gets this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. That helps a bit being away for so long.


Miranda said...

Sadie and Lucas are coming up with some strange things when they play together. I really love almost 3.