Monday, August 07, 2006

the long awaited day finally mom made roll kuchen! here is a picture of us all enjoying it thoroughly (i think the women were the most enthusiastic ones here) and, despite appearances to the contrary, josh really did like his first taste of authentic mennonite food. it was the camera in his face that he wasn't too keen on. Posted by Picasa


Cherie said...

NO WAY! not more than 10 minutes ago I was explaining Roll Kuchen to some of the girls here and my mouth was watering as i thought about it and watermelon and summer back home. Then i came to check my email and you posted pictures!!! ahhh not fair!!!
i love you all anyway though. Miss you too

Catrina said...

Yumm, love the Roll Kuchen too!! I have yet to make it this summer though. Good luck with the ultrasound. I hope baby stew cooporates for you. :)That's also exciting about feeling your baby, there is nothing like it. I think it is one of the best things about pregnancy. I miss it already :(

Miranda said...

dont think I have ever had Roll Kuchen before. It looks good though :)