Monday, August 07, 2006

they're here!!

yep, my parents arrived saturday afternoon on mom told us that their car broke down in escondido, so they had to walk all the way here. for half a moment i was horrified, then realized that she was LYING and that in reality, they had merely forgotten the code to our gate and had to leave their car on the other side. so far i haven't seen a whole lot of them, as i had to work yesterday, but for the next 2 days, i have them all to myself and intend to make the most of it! today we're doing touristy things in san diego and tomorrow we're going shopping before the big ultrasound appointment.

i was too excited to sleep in, so i'm up and waiting for my parents to wake up. and since i've nothing better to do, i will play leah d's cheesy little game (yes, leah, these games are cheesy and i NEVER do these things, but because of my love for you, i'll play along)

okay, 10 things about me:

1- my gr.2 teacher? Mrs Loewen
2- my childhood pet? a kitten named katie who first introduced fleas into our home. katie mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter.
3- name of the first boy I kissed? Dallas, my best friend Darla's brother. (that kiss is a story all in itself)
4- my first EVER crush ? a boy named reid, who many of you may know. i can remember chasing him around in gr. 2, trying to kiss him.
5- my weakness? five words: "may i have this dance?"
6- my first cigarette? 13 years old
7- how old when I got married? 24
8- Something I absolutely begged my parents for? a bunny. when they finally allowed me to have one, i named her caramel, loved her to bits and even made a little leash for her so i could "walk" her around the yard. then we had the brilliant idea of mating her. after she gave birth and ate all 5 of her babies, i lost interest. come to think of it, she also mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter.
9- something I have always wanted? a baby
10-what would I ABSOLUTELY NEVER do? fall in love with any other man. (unless i have a son!)


L said...

have so much fun,
and a little "cheese" is good for everyone! ABSOLUTELY CANNOT wait to hear the details of your ultrasound!!!

Shannon said...

fun stuff to have family visit your neck of the woods. :)

and cannot wait for the ultrasound results. exciting stuff.

L said...

come on i can't take the waiting!!

Jennifer said...

I am sitting here expecting you to blog any minute you know yet?

Shannon said...

no kiddig. quit holding out on us!