Thursday, August 31, 2006


this post is honestly only being written because i know how dull it is to check on blogs that haven't been updated for days and days. the truth is, i really have nothing exciting or entertaining to write about. i suppose if i thought about it long and hard enough, i could come up with something, but there are so many other things to do....right now i am looking at bags and bags of library books in the office waiting to be processed. i am at #500 right now and we have over 1000 books all together! as much as it excites me to think of opening the library, finding the time to work on the books is nearly impossible. but i AM going to work on them this morning before work, i really must!

so, as you can see from my last post, tristan is getting pretty darn big (though i'm hoping that it's just my tummy that's getting so large and not necessarily my son). many people have commented that i've "popped" already and it seems a little early! the nice thing is that now it's quite obvious that i'm pregnant and people no longer ask if i am, they only ask when i'm due. when i tell them i'm due in january, i usually get "wow! you're sure big already!" i'm planning on asking my doctor on tuesday during my visit if he is measuring unusually large for his age. yes, the fear is still there that i may deliver an 11lb baby. i have very vivid dreams about it sometimes!

tristan, quite oblivious to my fear, is practicing his somersaults at the moment. he definitely has periods of activity/rest that i can distinguish quite easily. if i stare at my tummy while he's moving, i can see it move every now and then! josh still hasn't been able to feel him though, just not in the right place at the right time. slowly but surely, josh has been moving things in both the office and the guest room in order to change the office into the nursery. the latest, most exciting move was the dresser. we cleaned it all out and then set to work putting all of the baby outfits that we have inside. it looks as if the theme for the room has been decided as josh has some really great autographed baseball bats that we're going to hang on the wall, as well as a few other things. hopefully soon we'll be able to take a trip to babies r us and target to register.

oliver has been gone for over a week now and surprisingly, i don't miss him as much as i thought i would. apparently he's made great friends with the little girl named sammy that lives at his new home. he sleeps with her at night :) that makes me happy.

the next "big thing" i'm looking forward to is that i get to see my mom in a month! she and her sisters are taking a cruise down from vancouver to san diego. i'm going to meet them at the cruise ship terminal and drive her up to their hotel in anaheim and spend the day with them! it will be short, but hopefully a lot of fun. after that, it will only be a little over 3 months before she comes to visit to help out with our newborn. yikes, time sure goes by quickly!

okay, off to tackle the mountain of books next to me...


Zandra said...

I don't know if you're allowed to change your walls...but here's a cute wall decoration:

And here's a cute border:

Have fun!

Cherie said...

see I thought you were really big for only a couple months but i wasnt sure... hmmm Baseball is such a sweet theme! ill keep it in mind... to bad it wasnt soccer, then i would have sooo much stuff i could get Tristan here. oh well:) haha love you sis, give mom a giant hug for me when you see here k?

Lee said...

I am happy for the update. Another friend is as far along as you, and your bellys totally look on par with eachother.

Lee said...

I am funny issues with this beta thingy.

Jennifer said...

hurray for you and all your fun firsts! and a trip to look forwards to too! (glad you don't miss oliver so)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about being "Big" - everyone grows at a different rate. With my first, I started showing at 9 weeks and I was so "Big" everyone asked me If I was having twins!! (yes, even my family!) but there was just one and it turned out I just had a really long umbilical cord!

Shannon said...

you're more petite in size that your tummy might feel bigger. Your doctor measures you each month so they'd know if you were unusually large. Even the ultrasounds can be off by 2 pounds so try to take your mind off it.

Find some way to calm those thoughts, the most scary part of being pregnant is the fears of the unknown (pain, birth etc) and the more you can focus on how strong you are and how you can do it- the easier everything will be and you will feel like a superhero.

Anonymous said...

No worries. I had a 10 1/2 pounder and the head size isn't that different than smaller babies, they're just chubbier and oh so cute, so it's not so bad.
It'll be great to see you in 29 days. Love Aunt Deo