Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a wee bit 'o bloggage

so yesterday was another monthly doctor's visit. this time my mom in law was the guest of honor. had to pee in a cup for the first time, to see if i had too much sugar in me. thankfully i'm clever and ate NOT A DROP of sugar that whole day except for what is naturally found in milk and pineapple, so i passed the test! this visit seemed unusually short and rushed, in my opinion. the ultrasound lasted all of 30 seconds and, though we were hoping for verification of his boy parts, that never happened. i was able to ask only one of my 2 questions before the dr whizzed out the door to his next patient. ah well, we all have our bad days...we are just so thankful that tristan is happy and healthy. "content" is the word the doctor used. even though i passed the sugar test, unfortunately i didn't pass the "weight gain" test. i've gained ANOTHER 10 lbs in the past 4 weeks, for a total gain of 20 lbs so far. it's never ever fun for a girl to be told that she weighs too much, especially when she is trying her hardest to take care of the baby inside of her. even though i'm on my feet at work 40 hours per week, i was still told that i must exercise, and of course, limit empty calories, yada yada yada. i've been trying, but obviously i've not been trying hard enough. thats all i'm going to say about that.

on another, happier note, josh felt his son move for the first time last week!! it was quite an exciting event, as every time i'd place his hand on my tummy, tristan would stop kicking which was kind of frustrating. this time, he decided he had played enough games and gave quite a firm kick to josh's hand. since then, he's felt him quite a bit. he says tristan is giving him "high fives". ooh, and we got to register at target on sunday which was really quite fun, though a lot of the stuff we were quite clueless about! (who knew they have a machine that actually heats your baby wipes for you?!) we found some really cute sports themed nursery decor and even though initially we had chosen baseball as the theme, i just couldn't pass by the crib mobile that had little bears playing soccor going round and around. so the theme quickly changed to just sports in general, which makes it easier anyhow. so much for finding neutral decor... if tristan has a sister next, we've just gotta hope that she loves blue!

josh and i finally decided to join the masses and have become addicted to the tv show lost. we've been renting season 1 on dvd and are nearly finished it, which is perfect timing because season 2 just came out on dvd. if we hurry up we'll be done in enough time to catch season 3 on tv. we've been watching it so much that i've been having dreams about it. though this pregnancy has cause me to have very vivid dreams every single night. last night i dreamed we were back in scotland and i was really worried that we were so far from home just in case something were to happen to tristan and i was singing that song "i'm like a bird" and just started crying when i sang "i don't know where my soul is, i don't know where my home is" i woke up with tears on my cheeks. since we found out that we're having a boy, i haven't had any dreams about having the baby, though i'm sure those will come soon enough.

off to do a million and one errands...


Cherie said...

YAY! another one sucked into the lost craze!!! Just wait, season 2 is 10x better than season 1, I actually lost interesting in season 1 and only reluctantly watched season 2 cuz i was bored... well it was worth it! Well sis, i am extremely happy about the aray of sport now... football(soccer) here we come! and sis i will email you when i get time! haha love you!

sara said...

heidi eat up! this is the only time in your life you can get away with having 2nds and 3rds without feeling guilty. i was told the same thing by my dr. and i totally ignored him and it was GREAT!!!!

Meredith said...

DO NOT listen to everyhting 'they' say pregnancy isn't a concrete science. Gain all the weight you need to have a healthy happy time.
I know someone who gained 80 and lost 60 right away.
I highly reccomend EATING!

Ej said...

Doctors/midwives complain the whole time you are pregnant that you gain too much weight!! As long as baby is happy ignore them(hard as that might be with all those extra hormones). I gained approx 40lbs and they whined about how hard it was going to be for me to lose it! I didn't do a thing and lost it all by 10 weeks post delivery. Being a milk factory sucks the pound off. I also had weeks where I gained nothing and weeks where I gained 10 lbs. When I see a man gives bith he can tell me how much weight to gain!

Miranda said...

I have to start watching season 2 of lost to get ready for season 3! Cant wait!

Sorlil said...

I was a bit worried because I had gained 21 pounds by the time I was 20 weeks but I've only put on another 7 pounds in the last nine weeks so it seems to even itself out - and I haven't changed my eating habits, I eat a good mix of healthy and junk food!

Zandra said...

This is only the first time you've had to pee in a cup?! I've seen 3 different doctors over my 2 pregnancies and all of them had me (and all their patients) pee in a cup EVERY time. It was just routine to check the amount of protien and sugar in your urine.

And by all means, do NOT restrict your eating. Eat a lot, but maybe just healthy stuff. Your baby needs nutrients. Just try not to OVER indulge...but I know that's still hard. Besides, at the next appointment, the doc will probably say you haven't gained enough and will tell you you need to eat! They don't know what they're talking about!

Jennifer said...

my 2 cents....1-fear not, so long as you 2 don't have undiagnosed diabetes you probably won't have to push out a 11 pounder.
2-Degrees in medicine are overrated.
3-I guess 'they' prefer to see you gain evenly.
4- I peed for them everytime too. 5-I know of people who had to test the urine themselves and didn't know what they were looking for/at.
6~breastfeeding didn't help me loose squat.
7- you have a husband who loves you for you and will love and support you no matter what you weigh...(it's only a number) unlike somebody I know who had a 'partner' who said to the mother of his child that she was ugly and disgusting. So what are you worried about?
8- I believe it's never not a struggle...there is always something to learn about yourself during a pregnany...what you can and cannot handle under hormones.
9- the worst is yet to come....muhahaha doom and gloom doom and gloom...seriously though I wondered why the book was titled 'surviving the first year' I thought the word survive was a bit harsh...but tis that tis that and more.
10- what you expect the most, the very thing you need to have happen a certain way the most...won't. (I can prouve this with more than just my own case)And that's when I learned to let it be. Que serra baby. Release those fears to Him.
11- so long as there is a soap box, I'll get on it.
12- all too confusing? Overwhelmed yet? Eat/don't eat fats. Gain weight...not 10lbs in a month...bah so demanding of 'them' eh?...(inject sense of humor here)
13-hey, so long as it's not crack there shouldn't be a problem. And even then crack babies come out relativley ok...despite thier little codependencies.
14- so long as there is a soap box I'll get on it.
15- I know of somebody who couldn't put down the chocolate milk whilst prego and thier babies didn't come out brown.
16- Some of us took healthy fat suppliments and our kids have the most highly developed brains.
17- It's like you can't worry over every little thing because it's impossible...give it all to Him in Him...lay your worries on Him...get your help from Him.
18- when all else fails freak out and call 911.
19- and call me sometime to honey I miss our little chat's.

running wildly said...

55lbs of fat and baby....and it did come all off. It can be done. "You are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down."

Anonymous said...

I'll echo that. Eat when you're hungry and as much as you need to feel full. Some people just gain more weight than others. It is just the "I can eat everything and then some *because* I am pregnant" that you need to avoid. But just because you gain 10 pounds in a month does not mean you are being a pig. (and the amount of weight you gain does not automatically mean 12 pound baby)


Registering is fun. You probably don't need 90% of the stuff, but it is so much fun anyway to collect it all :)

Adams family said...

Lost is awesome and the second season is so much better. You think you are having crazy dreams now, just wait. I have wacky dreams every night and I love it.

498253 said...

Hi Heidi- you don't know me- I know Darla from the nursing program and I have been following your blog from the moment you announced your pregnancy. I have to admit I love reading about the things women go through with pregnancy and then once the child is born. Here is a link to one of the couples I have been reading about ( I know them from my old church and travelled to Europe with them a couple years ago) :

check it out. Anyways I look forward to reading about how you're doing- feel free to read my blog anytime!