Wednesday, October 25, 2006

this & that

here's a few things that have been happening lately:

-i am now in my third trimester and feel rather large. some of my maternity clothes are getting to be too small (never saw that coming) the shirt, for example, that i'm wearing in the last picture will now retire to my closet following the lovely boob comment from leah. and dare i say it? yes, josh is happy.

-yesterday i had my first doctor's appointment all alone and my first birthing class all alone. josh had his own doctor's appointment (a follow up for his accident) and was not feeling too well in the evening. (we both know that the true reason he stayed home is because he didn't want to have to see the birthing video) the doctor's visit went well. this time tristan was facing the ultrasound and you can totally see his face...nose, lips, almost looked 3D! i was so excited to come home and pop in the video for josh. the birthing class was fun because we got to have a tour of the birthing area of the hospital and also learned a lot about labor. for the relaxation exercises where you're supposed to lean against your partner, i had to lean against a wall. ah well.

-last week i had to do the blood sugar test where you drink a bottle of sweet stuff and they test your blood. apparently the results came back slightly high, so i have to go back in again for a 3 hour test next week. it's all a big pain because i have to be on this strict diet for 3 days beforehand and then can't eat 12 hours before the test. my doctor told me that it's not for my well being, it's for the baby's, which makes it seem more worthwhile. but i am so not looking forward to it.

-oh yes and i am measuring larger than normal (like i didn't know that) which made my doctor guess that the baby will probably deliver at around 8 lbs. (but really, how do they know?)

-we picked up our crib on sunday as well as the changing table, swing, pack n play, bedding and i don't know what all else. we bought the crib for $15 (!!!!) from friends and the rest was given to us by rob and jessica. i honestly don't know what will be left on my registry anymore. it seems that daily i'm taking more and more stuff off of it! i'm itching to get this computer desk over into the guest room so that we can set up the nursery. i know it's early, but right now we're tripping over all it in the living room, so it's a great excuse to put it all together.

-still working dreadfully hard and staying away from eye doctors at all costs. now i must leave for work because i need to stop by the grocery store first to get some milk. i left an entire jug out on the counter over night. i'm getting rather bothered by this pregnancy brain thing. that and the fact that i am spilling food on myself CONSTANTLY! josh jokes that i need to add some bibs for myself onto our registry.


Jennifer said...

things to keep in mind:
'they' could be guessing high for a weight. Tristan will be a fine specimen no doubt.
~spilling food on yourself constantly is meant to get you ready for wearing breast milk spit up on you constantly.
~you are not large until you are 40 weeks. hahaha.

I left a jug of milk out in the car overnight a while ago.
Glad to see you are having a wonderful pregnancy experience.

Meredith said...

One week you measure big, next time you'll measure the same and they call you small... I'm with my sister though, you aren't BIG until 40 weeks. (which I've never been)

Anonymous said...

As far as the "boob" thingy, just wait until your milk comes in....Dolly Parton and Pamela Anderson will be jealous!=) about double in size of what you are now and then they're so hard you could bounce a quarter off of them! Of course there is then the "issue" of you've got milk leaking out all over your blouse...which spilling food on yourself can get you in practice for this but of course that is not half as embarrasing.=) I could go on and on...... Jenn

Zandra said...

Missed you yesterday!
Don't know if this will help or just make the matter more confusing: my midwife told me that the sugar test is not reproducible and therefore is unreliable. So, I wouldn't worry too much about it cause I'm sure you'll be fine!
And you are absolutely beautiful...

Talk of the Town said...

The boob comment! Heidi, you should keep wearing that shirt! It was just a cry of envy from over here in Thailand. In a very nice 'I love Heidi' kind of way : ). What a good mother you already are! It must be sooo cool to see Tristan's face. HOW COOL. SO EXCITING. And all the baby stuff you have now! Oh, Heidi, I wish I was there with you.

Ej said...

I accidently deleted your comment - that's what I get for trying to blog in secret while at work ;-) But yes you can link me too!

Lovella said...

Hi there, I found your blog through your auntie Flo who loves to read blogs but hasn't started one of her own. We'll have to work on that. Anyways, I wanted to tell you have you are sweet and funny and I have enjoyed reading your posts for quite some time. Keep up the good work. By the way, you look lovely.