Wednesday, November 01, 2006

starving in san diego

okay, so i knew that before i had to go in for the torturous three hour glucose tolerance test, i had to be on a "Strict Diet" (as the info sheet said) for three days. the thing is, i didn't look too closely at the sheet until i actually had to start the diet on saturday. it was a terrible, horrible, awful three days. all 3 meals of the day were laid out precisely as to how much to eat (eg. 2 oz of meat on bread for lunch...that's a third of a can of tuna...WITHOUT mayo!) and there was no room for snacking, which was probably the hardest part, since i'm so used to grazing throughout the day. no, i take that back...the hardest part was not being allowed to eat ANY fruit!! (unless you call 1 cup of fruit juice with breakfast fruit). i was literally hungry for three days straight. so, i had the test yesterday, had blood drawn 4 different times in the course of 3 hours, and, having fasted for 12 hours before the test, i felt slightly foggy as i stumbled out to my car. thankfully, i made it safely to the nearest mcdonalds, where i scarfed down a "healthy" chicken blt sandwich and some golden fries. ahh! the relief! then, when i got home, i finally gave in to that sweet, juicy pluot that had been tempting me for days. oh, and let's not forget that it was halloween, so....i ate a lot of candy. just making up for the past 3 days!

i find out the results either today or tomorrow, i believe. i dearly hope everything is normal because right now when i think about the holidays coming up and not being able to indulge, i could literally cry.

in happier news, i get to go on a date with gramps this friday (that's josh's grandpa). he is taking me to babies r us to do some shopping...yipee! i've never actually been to a babies r us store yet, and i'm really excited. the crib is all put together and the bedding is on. i'm going to take pictures soon. okay, that's all i have time for right now because i gotta get to work. oh, and happy november everyone!


Jennifer said...

Ah yes, let the torture contest to the pregnant ladies endured, good. You can see why I told them NO I WON'T ! I hope and pray you are not diagnosed as being officialy gestationaly diabetic. But if you are, eating how they want you to will keep you from making a 12lb Tristan.
Happy shopping with Gramps!

Lee said...

oooh, I feel sorry for your hunger pangs. See its starts already... you are being a Mommy! Putting your sons care before your own. Good girl.

Talk of the Town said...

Oh my word! Being hungry for three days sounds awful. But good for you Mamma. Oh, how I hope you can eat at Christmas time - come on now! You have an excuse for once!!!
That's so sweet about Gramps. Awwww, that'll be really fun. I've never even heard of babies r us. If they sell babies there, could you pick me up a couple? Thanks ; )