Thursday, December 28, 2006

and a merry day it was

i've been too entertained by reading about other blogger's christmases to bother writing about mine, but i guess it's time now. so, christmas eve was nice and relaxing. knowing that josh's family would be over the next day for christmas, we puttered around the house tidying things up, while taking breaks in between to watch a few episodes of 24, which we just got on dvd. as we were getting ready to go to the christmas eve candlelight service at church in the evening, i began feeling very uncomfortable aches...kinda like menstrual cramps. no matter what position i sat or stood or layed in, nothing made them feel any better. i really did not want to miss the service, so we went anyway, and i sat there and timed the contractions. i also prayed that i wasn't in real labor because even though we can hardly wait to have this baby, i did NOT want to be in the hospital on christmas day! well, the contractions faded away and by the time we got back home, they were completely gone. we watched it's a wonderful life (a christmas eve tradition) and marveled that, since we've been married, this is the first christmas that we're spending at home...the past 2 years we've been housesitting during christmas.
off to bed we went and, since i still had a head cold, literally tossed and turned and looked at the clock every 15 minutes, willing time to speed up. at 3.30 i got up to go to the bathroom and to my surprise, josh whispered, "you're awake?" apparently, he wasn't having the best sleep either, so after a bit of discussion, we decided to just get up already! we watched another episode of 24, then opened up all of the presents from my family and from each other. by then it was around 5.00, so we crawled back into bed for a couple of hours more sleep before the family came over.
we had a great time with everyone, especially watching the kids. johnny would get so excited about a paritcular present that he'd just hold it in his hand, unopened, and do a bit of a dance before carefully unwrapping it. we paused for breakfast (creme brulee french toast mmmmm) and then kept at it until around 2.00! there was just so much good food, tons of which we still have and our pantry is full from stocking goodies...i have no clue how i'm supposed to start losing weight after tristan is born!
i haven't had braxton hicks as painful as the ones that evening, but now that christmas is over, i'm so ready to have him! today i walked up a long hill near our house in hopes that would get something started, but so far nothing is happening. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so will update you all then.


lovella said...

Oh goodness, I thought for sure you were in the hospital having your baby. It seemed like a very good sign that you had not any time to post your Christmas events. I pray for you each and every time I check your blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't overdo yourself in hopes of getting things started or you'll be too tired for the actual labor! I think staying up late to watch tv is a very acceptable way of waiting for baby to come.

beautiful picture. Can't wait to see the family of three.

finally mailed your christmas card.


Jennifer said...

When I wake at night,I pray you are sleeping.
When I see your smiling face on my fridge, I pray you are resting.
May you know peace all these days.

Jill's world of research, reaction, and millinery said...

Oh for crying out loud in're still preggers?

I picked the 28th, so T. could be born and then would be old enough to follow the USC-Michigan game.
These are both very good reasons to get going having real labor.

Still praying for you.

Rachel Z said...

I love this picture! What a memorable Christmas this shall be for you. And how fun to get up at 3:30 on Christmas morning, when it's not for a crying babe!

Yes, I've been lurking around your blog for a while. Not sure if I've commented yet or not. :)

Janet James said...

well that must have been exciting during the service. if you want to try and get your labor started, taking a hot shower. you have lost your plug so taking a bath is out of the question. a shower is another way to tell if you are experiencing false labor. being in the shower is relaxing and that is what helps with starting labor. it also helps ease the pain when u start labor. keep us posted. if u have any questions don't hesitate to call.

Sarafina said...

The day is approaching so fast! How exciting!
One (very powerful) idea for getting labor started, though not necessarily recommended, and definitely not without informing your doctor first:
some peanut butter
some orange juice
some cod liver oil (not too much)
and some lemon essence

I think it works, but it can be rather dangerous (0:
Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sorlil said...

So he held off to let you enjoy your Christmas dinner! Very excited for you hope all goes well which I'm sure it will.

Shannon said...

codliver oil = the runs, big time. This can help start labor. Or it can just make you sit on the toilet all night.

I've also heard it could possibly stimulate the baby to have a bowel movement (dangerous) but dunno how true that is.

Waiting for my doctor update. :)