Saturday, December 23, 2006

a picture that never fails to make me smile

this is the current picture that graces the wallpaper of my laptop. it was taken of me and my sister in law, jessica by 2 troublemaking gentlemen (ie my husband and my brother in law) who then proceeded to "doctor" it up somewhat (you may need to click to enlarge to fully admire their handiwork) as soon as sis saw it she screamed bloody murder. oh yes, we were in kauai at the time, having the most lovely vacation ever. i have it as my wallpaper to remind myself that i used to have a figure (and why did i used to have such an issue with my thighs??) and i am posting it today for all to see because jessica hasn't checked my blog for awhile and i know that she's going to soon and it puts a smile on my face to think of her freaking out when she sees this. love you sis ;)

in other news, i am sick. the kind of sick that sits in your head and refuses to budge no matter how many times you blow your nose. i have gotten through this whole pregnancy completely healthy and then, at the very end (and during CHRISTMAS nonetheless) i go and get all sick, with nothing to ease my pain but lame old tylenol. and lots of mandarins, of course. thankfully, it's just sitting in my head (and my throat and my sinsuses) and hasn't decided to reach down to make the rest of me all achey and i'm hoping and praying that with enough fluids (and mandarins) it will decide to flee by monday so that i won't spend christmas being all oozy and miserable.

i can't believe it's already the 23rd! when i was younger i used to go around on this day saying "today is the eve of christmas eve" and for some reason i thought that was pretty cool. i am really looking forward to tomorrow and think it's lovely that christmas eve falls on a sunday. we get to go to church twice; once in the morning and then again in the evening for the candlelight service, which is my favourite service of the year. i'm hoping that it being on a sunday will cause more people to pause and relax and perhaps not be so panic stricken on the last day before christmas and maybe, just maybe, realize what the true meaning of christmas is all about: God with us. i've been a believer ever since i can remember and that still gives me chills.



Jennifer said...

FYI and BTW...when I was sick with a sinus cold when I was very pregnant at Christmas time...blowing my nose TOO hard to get rid of the ickies once and for all....was what made my water break. NO WORD OF A LIE!

btk said...

I call tonight "Christmas Adam". I figure there's gotta be an Adam if there's an Eve! And, since Adam came first, it only makes sense that it's on the 23rd!

I, too, got sicker than sick just at the end of my pregnancy. No fun! I hope you'll still be able to enjoy yourself! Merry Christmas!

Jeff, Kristy & Hayley said...

Merry Christmas!
I just thought I'd let you know that dristan is safe for pregnancy use. I wish I knew that when I was preggo w/ Hayley. I lived on hot lemon water and honey.

Zandra said...

Jessica!!! You knew you were going to Hawaii and you didn't even bother to prepare for wearing a baithing suit!?! What a crazy girl! ;)

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, Heidi! Well, today is actually just one Eve away now...see you tonight!

stephanie said...

Great pic! Last year at christmas I was sick and pregnant too. Must be the shopping stress! Anyways i wanted to comment to tell you that i have started my own blog finally! So check it out:)

Danna said...

Merry Christmas, Heidi!

Janet James said...

that is a cute pic! I hope that you didn't feel to sick for Christmas. We had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas. I hope that you will start feeling better. Merry Christmas from one of your new friends!

Janet James said...

That is a great picture! I hope that you were not too sick for your Christmas! We had a wonderful time. I pray that you will be feeling better soon. Merry Christmas from your new friend!