Tuesday, December 05, 2006

busy, busy, busy

happily waiting for guests to arrive at my shower, while balancing lemonade on tristan.
action shot of me opening gifts...that's jessica sitting next to me (josh's sister) she's the best.

this cake was lovingly made from scratch by my dear friends sara and zandra. not only does it look fabulous, it tasted like heaven. they're the best, too!

so, my shower was so great....we are blown away by how blessed we are with what we all got. the past couple of evenings have been spent putting away all of his little clothes and everything else. due to all of the diapers that we got, his room now smells like baby. i love it.

on saturday we went and got our christmas tree--an 8 foot grand fir. it's pretty much a perfect tree, and VERY large (okay, so i thought it was large until i saw jennifer's blog) we did have to move our tv to a new spot just so we could see it. i will post pictures of the tree at another time. my dial up takes about 5 minutes to upload each picture onto blogger, so i've been sitting here for some time already.

i only have 4 days left of work until i begin my maternity leave. that will be such a relief for my poor swollen ankles. ooh, and i think i found the perfect substitute for the mandarin oranges that you get in canada. they're clementines, but they're labeled as "easy peel, seed free." still not exactly the same thing, but close enough. i could probably eat a box per day, but since it's $8 a box, i'm limiting myself to 3 or 4. i also had an uncontrollable craving for steak this afternoon, so i have 2 marinating in the fridge for josh to bbq up for dinner. even though i miss the snow, i must say it's nice to be able to bbq all year long.
well, hubby will be home soon and i need to check on my fudge chilling in the fridge (ooh, i feel so domestic)


Jennifer said...

I was going to say...'steak! you get to bbq all year!' I wanted steak the other day but I was like...oh yeah...I can't grill it so what is the point. Oh great I'm salivating now.
Happy last days of work.
(don't let your water break the minute you get home from your last shift :)

Shannon said...

Baby showers are awesome, glad you got spoiled. It is so fun preparing for that little being.

I grilled a couple days ago. It wasn't snowing but the backyard was covered in the snow. Some things are worth it!

Nicci said...

You look great. soon baby Tristan will be arriving. How exciting. I'm glad you got spoiled for your baby shower. Enjoy it.