Wednesday, December 13, 2006

last year i picked up this "kid friendly" nativity in anticipation for little hands to be playing with it at some point. next year i'm sure little hands will be putting the sheep into a little mouth! the characters are made out of femo and i just love the expression on baby jesus's face. his mouth is a little round "0" and his arms are outstretched as if to say "I'm here, everyone! I may not look like how you thought i would, but it's Me!"
our tree, though this picture does NOT do it justice. we have a vaulted ceiling, so nothing under 8 feet is even considered. this time furniture had to be moved in order to accomodate it and our ceiling fan nearly hits the star!

this year my husband actually beat me at finishing all of his christmas shopping! all of his gifts for me are wrapped and waiting under the tree. i'm very impressed. today is our girl's annual Christmas Cookie Baking day at my mom in law's. Jessica and Kaylee will be there too (and a big HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY KAYLEE!!!!) sugar cookies are my ultimate favorite.
my first week of maternity leave has been fabulous so far.definitely not boring! and thanks to everyone who offered me maternity clothes after reading my last post...i appreciate it so much! i did pick up a couple of clothing items the other day, which already make me feel so much better. only 5 weeks left of wearing the same things...i can handle that.
for those of you who aren't readers of my cousin jennifer's blog, i urge you to click on her link and take a look at her last posts. to think that 2 years ago she was just a cousin i barely knew, but someone that God constantly placed on my heart to pray for, and to see her now, it just brings tears to my eyes! it's amazing to look back and see how God brings people's paths together all for His purposes.
also, my little sister cherie is spending her 3rd christmas in a row away from home. the last 2 years she was in morocco and this year she is in rwanda. she is a missionary based out of paisley, scotland (near glasgow) with Youth With a Mission. i just chatted with her on msn and she is requesting prayer for team unity and for keeping their chins up during christmas, which is always a difficult time to be away from family. their team has seen God work incredibly so far, with 90 widows praying to accept Christ for the first time last week! i'm so proud of my little sis allowing God to use her to make such a difference in the world. i can hardly wait for her to meet her little nephew in summer!


Danna said...

That is such a cute nativity scene, I wish that I had one that was kid-friendly like that. Ours is ceremic and Chelsea keeps going for their noses because they stick out quite a bit. I love your tree... it's so full!

Nicci said...

Beautiful tree Heidi!!! Yes you're little one will definately be sticking those toys in his mouth. fun times.Check out my blog for my pregnancy photo.

Meredith said...

I have a friend who has one that is Fisher Price litte people. She had to order online though. VERY KID FRIENDLY. It's his and she has her nice one on the mantel.