Friday, December 22, 2006

still waiting..

well, tristan is just way to cozy in there to even think about venturing out into this cold, crazy world. we had another doctor's appointment yesterday where we learned that i am STILL dilated the same and about 80% effaced. guesstimate of tristan's current weight is 6.5-7lbs and when i asked the doctor what he thought the approximate day of birth would be, he said in around 6-9 days. josh was very bummed, since he's had his heart set on a christmas baby ever since we found out he'd come early. i, on the other hand, would much rather have his birthday closer to new years so that the celebrations wouldn't collide quite so hard. it's funny how you have a certain date set in your head for so long, then without warning, things change and now we're actually disappointed that he's not making an appearance this early! yes, we are anxious and now that the "danger" week of him being born too early has passed, i'm gonna get up off my butt a little more and see if i can't manage to dilate a couple more centimeters!

okay, here's something i don't quite understand: i'm sitting here next to the window enjoying the rain come pouring down when, suddenly, the sprinkler system comes to life and now our poor lawn is being doused in a waterfall of wetness. hmmm...

yes, its raining and lovely and the heater is on inside and i'm snuggled up in my pink afghan deciding what to do today. i do believe i will forgo any makeup, stay in my pajamas, and make christmas treats all morning, then write thank you notes all afternoon. i'm slightly concerned about this scratchy throat i've had since i woke up this morning. must NOT be sick for christmas. will add "eat more mandarins" to my list of things to do.


Anonymous said...

With two kiddos born close to christmas, I feel the headache. I'm not sure if being born after christmas would matter much. Everyone seems to have a holiday hangover at that time.

btw- 80% is pretty impressive. Could be any day, could be three weeks. I'm excited for you!


Bonnie and Cam Dowd said...

I'd be pretty pleased if Tristan shared my birthday (Boxing Day)!
I hope you and Josh have a wonderful Christmas.

Jennifer said...

They sprinkler thing happens here too. If it rains on your water day I see nearly nobody rushing to turn thier systems off.
I vote for sensors...if it's already wet then they wouldn't come one. Though this annomoly is not encountered at home because you only need to water for like what 3-4 weeks of the year?!
Happy rain and snuggle/treat day!

Lee said...

do whatever you can not to count days. that last chunk of days, being dilated, your brain is in "will it be today mode?". so great that you have already knocked off a few centimeters with no pain!!

btk said...

I had the same experience with Mercy! My midwife kept checking me and saying that she thought it would be sooner rather than later, but Mercy was still born on her due date. I'd prefer it that way, actually. My body got so used to braxton hicks in those weeks that I honestly didn't know I was in labor until I was 8 centimeters dialated!! All with only mild contractions. That's the way to do it!

One word of advice, though, in a case much like mine - make sure you're close to the hospital. I went into transition in the car - not too much fun. I was concentrating so hard on Brian's crazy driving to concentrate on having a baby and it started to hurt!!