Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a couple of questions

okay, another quick one. it seems that in order to continue to view tristan's picture blog, you must have a google account set up. the only problem with that is there is no link on that page to do so. i know i've set one up a long time ago and cannot remember how i did it. would someone be so kind as to comment to this post and explain the steps? my dear mother would love to see new pictures of her grandson and, like me, is not fluent in computerese. thank you so much.

oh yes, and also does anyone have any super great tips on how to keep a baby awake for a full feeding? tristan is getting into the "snacking mode" where he'll want to eat every 1 or 1 1/2 hours, but will only eat for 10 minutes before nodding off. i've tried walking my fingers up his back, massaging his hands, stroking his face, even getting him naked, but to no avail! i really would love some input on this so that i'm not feeding him so constantly, plus i think it'd be better for him to feed longer each time so that he benefits from the hindmilk.

okay, that's it for today. thanks in advance for your help


Lovella said...

hmm, I'm wondering if then everyone wanting to see Tristan's picture blog will essentially need to start a blog of their own.
they wouldn't need to post anything but they would then have a google account. The new beta blogger requires us all to use our email addresses.
As for feeding advice, I know some babies can be a bit sleepy if they are jaundiced at all. The thing is . . you are his mommy and you will do a fabulous job in meeting all his needs, it will all work out. You'll see.

Jennifer said...

did I ask you if you tried flicking th bottoms of his feet?
blowing on him after putting the cold cloth on him?
fingers up the spine worked for carmyn.
The pump...where you pump his arm...remember arsenio hall? like that.
squezzing the inside of his thigh in that tickle spot.
um...don't be afraid to be 'cruel' in a mommy love for your own best interest kind of way.

Lovella said...

Heidi, . . and grandma :) I just went and checked. In the Google Home page there is a place to set up an account. I imagine that maybe this is all that would be needed.

Aria said...

Could you add me to the list so I can see Tristan's Pictures?
the email I use is random.nonsense@hotmail.com

That's the email I use for my blog. I'm not sure if that will work but let me know if it doesn't. Cause then I'll make a google one :)

I can't wait to see his pictures!

btk said...

First, you don't need a blog for your google account. Here's the page (choose "create new account" if you haven't one already) https://www.google.com/accounts/Login and you only need ANY email address you have - not necessarily a yahoo account.

Second... Mercy had trouble staying awake too and got hungry often. What we did to encourage her in getting the hindmilk is hold off on feeding as long as we could stand it, then she'd be FAMISHED and start to eat. Then, being jaundiced and sleepy, she'd start to fall asleep. When taking off clothing didn't work we started dampening a cloth with cool water and applying it to her face, hands, feet and sides. It would aggravate her enough to feed. Eventually she started eating less and less frequently but would suck me dry every time!
Hope that helps :) Oh, I almost forgot - I'd also encourage her to empty one side before I'd make the switch. Sometimes she'd nurse from the right side twice before I'd move on to the left. But your left side might need a bit of relief in between nursings!!

Bonnie and Cam Dowd said...

Sometimes when my babies wouldn't stay awake, I would resort to running water over their feet! It usually worked, but not always.

Anonymous said...

His poop will turn green (instead of bright yellow) if he isn't getting the proper balance of foremilk and hindmilk.

You might also have a heavy letdown and he could be getting all he can handle in that 10 minutes. have you pumped at all to see what 10 minutes does? I remember being worried about Brianna but after pumping noticed that I was getting 5 ounces in 8 minutes. All three kids were little piglets, nursing every 1-2 hours.


Talk of the Town said...

Sadly, I don't know about babies, but I do know about email!!!!! (hilraious because I just finished blogging about it). Let me know if you haven't figured the gmail thing out yet, you need to be invited by someone unless you are going through blogger. Anyhoo, email my hotmail account, and I will do it for you.

Nicci said...

Try putting a cold cloth on him every time he starts to fall asleep. It may work. The computer problems are out of my league. So sorry

jtinworth said...

Heidi - I'm so glad to see pictures of your handsome son! Isn't it wonderful being a mom - even though sleep is a thing of the past?!

There are two things that help me keep Brenna awake when I feed her. First, I change her diaper halfway through the feeding. Then, when I burp her, I have her sit on my lap instead of cuddling up on my shoulder. It keeps her a bit more alert. Don't worry - it gets easier. Now that Brenna's over the two month mark, she has no problem getting all her food.

Good Luck!

Danna said...

I'm not good at the computer advise but the things that I tried to get Chelsea to feed was undressing to a diaper and letting them cry till she was good and ready for it. Good luck!

Z-Mama said...

Now that I've had time to think about it...my advice was going to be exactly what Jeanette said. Stopping for a burp part way through sitting him up in your lap and balancing his chin on your thumb and forefinger; and then doing a diaper change. That's what I did with Kamryn and she was a heavy sleep-feeder the first few weeks too.

Janet James said...

As long as Tristan is gaining weight, him "snacking" shouldn't be a problem. He is grow out of it. He is new and trying to figure things out too. Kolby was the same way, I didn't try to keep him awake, I just let him do what he wanted. He was just fine with "snacking" and there was less crying. Do what you feel good about doing. Deep down mom's know best and figure it out with there newborns.

Thank you for your comment, I will keep blogging!