Friday, January 26, 2007

i heart sleep

found a bit of a fuzzy one taken last sunday of kaylee helping me open my birthday gifts. we celebrated with josh's family a week early and josh's mom made a delicious standing rib roast for dinner. well, i thought i'd just pop in to brag that my son slept from 10.30pm until 4.30am last night!! i kept waking up wondering if i should wake him up to feed him, since one of my books says that any longer than 5 hours of sleep at a time is "dangerous" for breast fed babies, but i just let him sleep and after he woke up to eat, he slept for another 4 hours, giving me another great nights rest! i know that this will probably all change eventually, but right now its such a huge blessing to feel well rested during the day.
oh yes, and i have to add the the last sentence from my last post was actually written by my husband. see, he came in the room as i was staring at the ceiling, trying in vain to think of a way to end my blog. i complained to him that it is so darn difficult to always think of how to end my blogs. i feel like i need to write something like "okay, bye bye now" but that's just lame, and yet not saying any kind of farewell seems just sort of rude. so he told me he'd write it for me, and there it is. i must admit that it's true, though.
okay, bye bye now.


Anonymous said...

As long as your girls don't explode, I'd let him sleep a full eight hour night if he felt so inclined. He'll wake up when he's hungry.

Glad you got a stretch of sleep though. awesome.

And you look great in yor photo. And i don't mean that in a "you just had a baby" sense, you really do look beautiful.


Jennifer said...

you look perfect to me :)

Jill's world of research, reaction, and millinery said...

My doctor told me years ago when my children were new that once my baby weighed 11 lbs he/she had enough body weight to safely sleep through the night.
IF (in other words, your choice lady...) I wanted to get up and feed the baby when he/she cried during the night, it was perfectly OK, but not physiologically necessary.
Once the baby hit 11 lbs (took three weeks...) I rolled over, stuck my fingers in my ears, and didn't get up. The next night there was one little crying spell, and that was that.
I always look back on those 3am feedings as being the most peaceful moments in my life. Something about knowing that there were new mommies every where feeding their little ones, without any thing else to compete with the phone calls, errands, housekeeping etc. Just feed and enjoy.
Oh, and I fed every hour...and thank God I did as my daughter was 110 percentile height wise at three weeks. If I had held back, I would never had generated the milk needed to sustain her growth,nor could her little stomach have handled the amount she would had needed to take in if I had waited and counted on her nursing all she needed at two or three hour intervals.
The doctor even congratulated me on figuring out her particular physical needs.
I agree...listen to advice, trust our own instints. Baby's mommie knows best!

Lovella said...

ooh, what a beautiful girl and the little girl is cute as well.
Happy birthday. I hope you have wonderful day.

Danna said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Heidi!

Demara said...

How your husband ended that last post was so funny!!! And from a couple posts before I loved how you said this: "i feel as if my heart has just opened up and swallowed him whole, never to let him go." That is so poetic and expressive, I can totally imagine how you or any mother feels after having a piece of themselves lay there in their arms.

And of course...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY too...I'm sure the present of receiving the precious life that God gave you this month was the best gift you could have ever received! How exciting...God is Great!!!